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When you receive an academic paper assignment, you might be asking yourself, “How many words is it per page?” Why might you need a words to pages converter? There are several reasons why this might be useful. For instance, your instructor might assign you an essay that cannot exceed a certain number of words, but it is difficult to determine how many words constitutes a page. This is important because if you go over the limit, you could be penalized. After all, your instructors often require page or word limits when they want you to provide enough information while at the same time setting limits because they want you to be as concise and to-the-point as possible.

If you need help estimating how many words equal a page, we offer a words to pages calculator that can do this for you. It is easy and convenient to calculate words for essays.

Check Out Our Words To Pages Converter

Our words to pages converter is free and it can really make things clearer for you. To use it, just enter the number of words required for your assignment or paste your text, choose the proper format, and you will receive a page number estimation.

Words to Pages Converter

Times New Roman Calibri Cambria Georgia Arial Comic Sans Courier New Verdana
10 11 12 13 14
Single 1.5 Double

This can also be helpful when you need to order a custom essay from EssayElites.com. For instance, when you calculate the words to pages, we will be able to tell you how much your paper will cost. Please not that our listed prices are based on Times New Roman, 12 font. This is typically recommended for most college essays, although you can request your essay to be completed based on any font or format you wish.

Aside from offering premium essay assistance at an affordable price, you can also buy research papers and dissertations. Major academic papers can consist of a lot of pages, but if you only know the word count requirements, you might not be able to estimate how long it will take to complete it. But if you calculate words to pages using our program, it’s a breeze.

Need to Know How Long Your Paper Needs to Be?

Our words-to-pages converter is the perfect solution if you need to know approximately how many pages your length paper needs to be. Once you know, you will be able to manage your time much better since it is generally easier to estimate this based on page length as opposed to word length.

This tool is very user-friendly. Simply type in the information such as how many words you need to type or have already typed, indicate the font type, font size, and other details such as line spacing. Then just wait for the results! This is definitely more convenient and quicker than trying to calculate words-to-pages in your head.

The last thing you would want to do is submit a paper that is too short or too long. By using our tool to do the calculation, this will never be a problem!

Our Tool Can Make It Easier to Order a Paper!

When you order a paper from EssayElites.com, you might think that requesting two pages will be enough only to discover that this is below your instructor’s requirements. The misunderstanding could be the result of using a large font size, single spacing, or simply not being able to calculate how many words make up a page. Using our tool will allow this to become perfectly clear and there will be no confusion when you order your paper! So give our words to pages converter a try!

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