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What is the main purpose of a white paper? This profound report of authoritative type analyzes a peculiar problem to give a fresh perspective on it with a suggested solution with the included features of the service or product in question. A white paper writing service has originated not so long ago, but its popularity has been growing extremely fast. Marketing of a certain business or a brand cannot be imagined now without effective white papers. They constitute a marketing tool of exclusive power and a large part of overall success. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of businesses and organizations that are not aware of the benefits of white papers and their role in content marketing.

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Superb Writing from Top White Paper Experts

Composing white papers is not a task to be handled by any student or even any professional writer. Only the experts well aware of all specific features of this tool of marketing can handle them with a sufficient scope of proficiency. If you are looking for a writer who you can ask, “Could you please write my white paper?” you have found the right place at the right time. We do now what we do, and we do this in a perfect manner. You know what you want and professional writers at EssayElites.com will make sure that every request of yours is heard and taken into account in the paper. What you will receive from the writer is a detailed well-researched document that is convincing enough to appeal to a particular group of people.

Considering the focus of writing a white paper online, our experts have come to the conclusion that the main aspect is not the paper length or any of the grammar and structure issues. In fact, the core of a perfect white paper is the manner the target audience group is addressed while writing. The experts hired in our service understand that their task is to teach the target audience and raise their awareness concerning a particular issue clearly and concisely.

EssayElites.com has hired experts in different areas since everybody understands that one expert cannot create white papers in different disciplines in an equally efficient manner. For example, a customer requires a white paper related to the financial industry; in that case, we start looking for the best finance white paper expert among those we have hired. Besides, the company always appreciates if the customers do not forget to share with us all the supplementary data and supporting files they have.

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How to Order a White Paper

  1. Fill in the order form and provide a brief but accurate description along with the files and instructions.
  2. Select a payment option and enjoy the safety of all transactions.
  3. Encourage the writer via continuous communication with an expert about the efficiency and speed of the writing process.
  4. The minute when the deadline approaches is the minute when the customer can receive the ordered paper. Download the ready product from the customer’s account.


An idea to use a white paper writing service sounds nice for you, but it is complicated to find the company that has evident advantages over the others. EssayElites.com is so bright that the clients always notice that the best support, writing, and care are given only here. We have tried to summarize the benefits our customers enjoy:

  • Original content – no plagiarism at all;
  • Editing help – additional to top writing;
  • Individual approach;
  • 24/7 support for the customers;
  • Revision at no charge within the 48 hours after the deadline;
  • Timely submission.

Our white paper writing service is professional and competent in satisfying the needs of the customers. Our cooperation with you will be fruitful and beneficial for both parties.

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Prices We Offer

You are against paying extra and that is natural. You have to get the service worth every dollar you pay. We are known to be a service that gives more than it is paid for. We have worked on establishing a perfect balance between the money paid for writing and quality of the paper to help the clients to enjoy not only affordability of the writing service, but also its exclusiveness and prestige.

White Papers Online: Any Types of Papers for You

There is no precise classification of white papers with the labels assigned for a particular collection of features. Nevertheless, there is a certain system for the types of white papers with three main categories distinguished:

  • Backgrounders – white papers that present technical specifications and benefits of certain services or products
  • Numbered lists – white papers that mention a summarization of certain characteristics regarding a particular issue
  • Problem/solutions – white papers with the included recommendation concerning a technical problem

It is possible to use the following combinations:

  • Backgrounder and Numbered list
  • Backgrounder and Problem/solution

Providing white paper assistance, the experts cannot make a combination of all three types as the approaches will be different in them. A backgrounder white paper takes a very specific issue for analysis, while a problem/solution takes a broad view of the industry.

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Structuring White Papers

Expert white paper writing services are typically ordered by those students who want to make an impression on their professors. The writers know how to structure the papers so that all the required elements were included. They are as follows:

  • Title;
  • Executive summary or abstract;
  • Introductory part;
  • Statement of the problem;
  • Solution;
  • Problem analysis;
  • Summarization;
  • Call to action.

A top notch white paper service never misses any of these parts as the success of the project depends on each of them. All white papers are of great importance, so if you are not sure that you can handle yours perfectly well, we are here to help. Delegate your work to a team of responsible expert editors and writers, who will ensure the top results.

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Reliable White Paper Writers Will Bring You to Success!

You can order any types of white papers from EssayElites.com as the quality of the service is outstanding and the cost is reasonable. There are so many clients of the service who are happy with the outputs that you can join them without any hesitation. Your expectations will be met for sure. Pressure will be left behind if you decide to cooperate with us.


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