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Our premium-class and exceptional academic writing company, the true leader in the academic writing industry, would like to inform you that we have been offering our exquisite VIP essay writing service to our customers. Our VIP essay writing service may be referred to by college or university students, businesspeople, and other interested parties who would like to make changes in their academic studies, career, life, or any other aspect. If you need our luxurious and professional VIP writing help, guidance, or support with editing, proofreading, revising, writing, rewriting, or any other academic services, our company is available 24/7.

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Our VIP Essay Writing Service Specifics

When you order your paper from our experts, you have an exceptional opportunity to use our luxurious options, including VIP services. Such an exclusive option will give you an original opportunity so as to enjoy the ordering process much more since the below-mentioned VIP options will be provided to you:

  • Order completed by top professional 10 writers. Your order is always assigned to the most sophisticated and highly qualified expert in the needed field of science;
  • Our VIP Support ensures your priority in our services. Extra and thorough attention is provided;
  • Work proofread by professional editors – proof-reading as well as editing are provided by the most experienced experts;
  • Extended revisions mean that the free revision period can extend from 2 to 4 days;
  • The SMS notifications option informs about the status of the order (Writer assigned, Payment denied or verified, Being edited, Completed, Revised);;
  • Receive a full PDF plagiarism report of your paper with the percentage of possible matches found and links.
Top 10 Writers

Book Top 10 Writers The Best TOP Expert Top 10 Writers at our service Your order will be assigned to the most experienced writer in the relevant field. The highly demanded expert, one of our top-10 writers with the highest rate among the customers.

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Elite VIP Services: Key Characteristics

Our outstanding academic writing company believes that if people need assistance, support, or guidance in realizing their goals, they should be helped by all means. Our company aims to help those people who cannot cope with their writing, formatting, editing, proofreading, or any other types of writing issues. It is worth indicating that our essay VIP services can handle any written assignment in a great variety of subjects.

Our VIP services are grounded on honesty, professionalism, transparency, privacy, clarity, industriousness, support, help, and commitment to what we have been doing.

VIP Support

VIP Support VIP support ensures that your inquiries will be answered immediately by our Support Team. Extra attention is guaranteed.

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How Our Company Functions: You Should Know by All Means

We provide an exceptional opportunity to order your written task that will be completed by our most experienced professionals. In order to choose one of our best experts, our company checks each of them before they are allowed to complete any piece of writing as our skilled and talented writers. Therefore, they ought to prove their highest level of expertise and knowledge in the certain field of science. Moreover, our experts are to have lots of decent experience if compared with other our professionals.

Our company is offering practical support and scrupulous guidance, which means that every customer is always notified about any unexpected or unplanned changes to his or her order as quickly as only possible.

How to Obtain a VIP Package with about 20% Discount

When you order your work from our company, you ought to fill out the order form. Pay attention that at the bottom of this form, you may find the VIP Services section. Our company offers various options for our clients – you can choose one of the mentioned above options or pick up the VIP package. This package includes all of the VIP options available. By the way, it is 20% cheaper and comprises top 10 writers, VIP editing, priority support, SMS notifications, plagiarism check, and an extended revision period.

♕We offer VIP services at affordable prices:♕

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TOP 10 writers

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2.00 USD
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VIP Services VIP Services

VIP Services

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Get VIP Support

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PDF Plagiarism

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Our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

In accordance with our policy on privacy and confidentiality, every piece of info provided by our clients, as well as all the details of our mutual cooperation, is always well-secured. Thus, you should not worry about your personal or financial info, as well as private and other related details. We do all possible that none piece of your private info is disclosed to the third parties uninvolved. Most importantly, our best-protected company always limits any type of access to all the customers’ confidential info; thus, only some staff is allowed to work with it.

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Our VIP Writing Services: Key Benefits

  • Native English Speakers are Our Experts only
  • Affiliate Program
  • Available and Helpful Customer Support
  • Plagiarism and Mistakes-Free Piece of Writing
  • VIP Services
  • Free Revision
  • Confidentiality & Privacy Guaranteed

We guarantee that after you have tried our professional academic writing services, you will be pleasantly astounded. Unlike other agencies in the industry, our company is a customer-centered and customer-friendly writing platform with the most affordable prices and superb quality. Thus, if you are one of the goal-oriented college or university students, who want to be the best in their academic performance by submitting the poor-quality piece of writing, choose our academic writing company and we will pleasantly impress you with our work!


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