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Plagiarism is a “dirty” word and always has been in the world of academia. In the past, it was difficult for a teacher or professor to decipher plagiarism unless that instructor had actually read the material from which the content of student work has been “lifted,” or knew the student’s writing style so well that the content could not have been original. Today, however, detection software activates search engines that take a scanned piece of writing and compare to sources all over the web. If the words have been plagiarized, a suspicious instructor will find this!

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When students contact online essay services for help with academic writing help, they must be very careful. The majority of these supposedly custom academic writing sites is rather unethical and is happy for students to buy cheap price essays and papers. They do not care about the student’s academic future, for they are completely willing to use any amateur writer, who usually will comb the web for related essays and papers, try to change them a bit, and then deliver to a student who has no idea where the writing actually came from. Students who buy academic research writing from such companies set themselves up for plagiarism charges! has a different business model. We are engaged in a writing service that commits to fully plagiarism-free research and writing for students from the high school through the graduate levels. Further, we do not “farm out” our students’ orders for academic writing essay and paper assignments to unqualified individuals. Instead, we employ our own writers – individuals who have university degrees and writing backgrounds. They know what the standards for scholarly writing are; they know where to find the right research; they know how to put the research together to form great theses and to give each essay or paper the focus it needs; they know how to format and cite references accurately. In short, they engage in academic writing for a living, and they are good at what they do!

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One of the things that distinguish from many other services is our strong commitment to academic writing for graduate students. While many writing services provide assistance to high school and undergraduate students, they do not have the expert staff to provide such assistance to graduate students. We, however, have spent years developing a large team of Ph.D.-degreed academicians who can collaborate with graduate students as they prepare the complex and substantial research and writing works they face with their coursework. Consider, for example, the case studies, the lab reports, the research proposals, the presentations, and the papers that must be produced in a Master’s or doctoral program. Consider, as well, the demands for production of a thesis or dissertation. We can provide topic-specific Ph.D. writers who will collaborate with students who need writing a dissertation or thesis, and assist them section by section or chapter by chapter. Having a personal consultant who is an absolute expert is invaluable for a successfully-crafted project, and has such a consultant for every student.

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When an writer, along with our excellent support staff, completes an essay, paper, presentation, book review, critique, case study, or any other undergraduate or graduate, it will be perfectly researched and composed, and will be a guaranteed original that has been created from scratch, exactly as the student has ordered. We cut no corners; we check all writing for plagiarism, and we guarantee delivery by the student’s due date.

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