Privacy Policy

How Our Privacy Policy Protects You

Writology Limited (Cyprus Reg. No. HE 360665), 1-3 Boumpoulinas Street, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, P.C. 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website and is the controller of your personal data.

We are thankful for the time you have put into finding out about the services we offer. The first thing to know is that we take every possible step to protect customer data from getting theft, misuse, and loss. The top priority of our company’s administrators is ensuring all customer data is kept safe, confidential, and secure. Please read on to learn what information gathers, our reasons for gathering it, and what we use it for.

It is important for us to be able to cooperate with customers in a mutually beneficial way so there is some specific data we need to collect about visitors to our website. For instance, we need to know:

  • What time our site was accessed
  • Which browser type the visitor was using
  • Which operating system the visitor was using.

The customer’s identity is not revealed through the collection of this data, and we do not sell it to any other parties, share it, publish or in any way distribute it. Our reasons for gathering it are purely to:

  • Customize, modify, and improve our website’s content
  • Enhance the layout and general appearance of our website’s content.

Does Our Website Use Cookies?

A lot of websites make use of cookies and so does The reason we use this method is to:

  • Improve the navigational aspects of our website so that it is more friendly for users and easier to use;
  • Collect statistical information on web traffic, how often our site is accessed, and other valuable data.

What Personal Information Does Our Company Collect?

When customers visit our website and begin the registration process, they are required to provide some essential contact information. This includes their full names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

This information is only used to fulfill orders, for example:

  • To clarify some aspect of an order. For instance, important information is sometimes not included with an order form or our writer might need the customer’s input before they are able to proceed.
  • To be able to deliver the best possible writing services.

It is vital, therefore, that all contact details are correct. In addition, we remind you that information of a personal nature is never published, posted, distributed, shared with, or sold to other third (external) parties. It is only accessible by our own employees.

Personal Information

Your personal details are never shared with your writers to protect your privacy. Please do not share any personal details with the writers directly. All sensitive data is kept strictly confidential. You are fully responsible for the outcome of sharing your personal information (such as logins, passwords, e-mails, phone numbers) with the writers.

Transaction/Payment Processing

The systems we use for billing and processing payments are highly-secure and you can count on the fact that your financial details will not be leaked. Customers are routinely asked to confirm their identities as a means of avoiding fraud and Internet-style scams.

Your Rights as a Customer

As a customer of, you are entitled to delete or amend your personal information at any time of your choosing. Our support team will implement any changes you ask for.

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