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Quite a few years ago, students were able to access huge databases for essays and papers on all sorts of topics, and find those that generally fit their assignments. Perhaps a bit of “tweaking” was required, but they pretty much had an essay or paper to turn in. Some students even went to a cheap price paper writing service and let them do the searching. Most often, such students did not get “caught” because their instructors had no way to locate the source of these essay papers.

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All of this has changed now, as every institution has plagiarism-detection programs. An essay or paper can be scanned in to a computer and a search engine will find its source on the Internet. So, if a student is in need of help of writing assignments, s/he must now be very careful about seeking that help. The cheap services, of course, are numerous, and they are still providing students with plagiarized or lightly “spun” works. Student must now make certain that they are using professional writing services that produce only customized and original works each time they place an order for an online essay or paper. That is why a huge number of students come to for all of their academic writing.

We are the “Cadillac” of online custom writing services for several reasons, and we intend to remain at the top and to serve all of our student customers with respect, care and honesty. Students who find us for the first time tell us that we are clearly unique among web-based writing services, and they choose to stay with us until they complete their educations. Here is why our business has grown so well:

  • At our custom paper writing service, every student is unique and every order for a piece of academic writing is unique;
  • We do not simply “churn out” the same essays and papers with the same old and tired research. Each piece of writing is created from scratch; all research is freshly conducted; and every last detail of a customer’s order is important;
  • Our essay and paper writing service has a permanent staff of writers. All of them have university degrees, and we are careful to match each writer’s degree and degree level with only those orders that we know s/he is qualified to assume;
  • We are able to take orders for essays, research papers, book reviews, speeches, application/scholarship essays, case studies, critical analyses, lab reports, theses, dissertations, and anything else a student might be assigned;
  • We serve students in high schools, colleges, and in graduate programs;
  • We keep prices as reasonable as possible, and we do not have a “one size fits all” pricing policy. Pricing reflects the level, the type of work, and the due date;
  • We are open 24/7 to answer questions and take orders.
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Our customer feedback (which we request with each order delivery) tells us that we are “doing it right.” Students love our quality, our writers, and our responsiveness. Whether a high school student orders a short essay or a university student comes to us for college paper writing service that is complex and difficult, each order is treated with the same professionalism and care. You simply cannot buy academic writing that is of better quality for the price. And when you receive your order, it is ready to turn in! And for those of you in graduate programs, looking for some help with a thesis or dissertation, you will find a Ph.D. consultant ready to work for you too!

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