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Customers who choose EssayElites.com do not just get an excellent level of service; they additionally get chance to earn unlimited amounts of money by taking advantage of the affiliate program we operate. This unique program essentially enables customers to earn 10% of the price of every order that anyone they refer places. In addition, as well as getting a percentage of these orders, the friends they refer get a special discount on their first purchases with our company.

To begin earning, here is what you need to do. First, it is necessary for you to establish a user account with EssayElites.com, which means ordering a product or service through our website. During the ordering process, you will be required to set up an account. Once this is done, you will find a link that enables you to refer friends to us or a unique discount code, which you can email to your friends or share with them by messaging service or via social media. Our ordering system is quite sophisticated and will remember any person who uses the referral code or link you send them.

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Here is how the people you refer get discounts on the first orders they place with our company. When they follow the link they get from you, your friends will be directed to the order form where they should enter the unique code they were provided with. This automatically qualifies them for a “new customer” discount.

How It Works

Upon completion of each order and upon receipt of the customer’s payment, we add a portion of the cost of that order – 10% – to your user account. You may then use the money you accumulate to purchase more products from us.

Hence, earning a bit of extra money is as simple as forwarding a link or promo code to people you know. If they use this link or code, they save on their first purchase with EssayElites.com and you earn a referral fee. So, everyone benefits from this flexible program!

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