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When students buy essay and paper writing from us, they are required to fill out a complete order form that gives us a full and clear picture of the writing that is required. Cheap essay services ask you only for your topic and length. We, on the other, hand, want to know every detail – topic, length, academic level, the nature of the resources to be used, the format, and any other instruction you may wish to give us. We cannot customize the essay or paper for you without this much description from you.

We take great care to individually assign writers to the orders we receive. We match academic level, subject field, and writer’s experience to the order and that writer will work personally for that client until full satisfaction is achieved. Our writers usually get it exactly right the first time, because they are speaking with their clients as the work progresses. What the customer finally receives is almost always exactly what s/he wanted in the first place! And, if it is not, we will change it until you are happy.

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No Plagiarism

When students decide to buy essay writing from a service, their biggest concern is for plagiarism, and understandably so. This industry is full of cheap price writing websites that are fraudulent – using the same essays and papers over and over again and passing them off as the original.

EssayElites.com guarantees that its essay writing is always original. In fact, we use plagiarism-detection software that initiates a full search of the Internet for any writing that is too close to that produced by any of our writers. If we should ever find such writing (and we only have a few times I over a decade in this business), the essay or paper is re-written until it passes the “test.” Your instructor will never find anything close to what you have turned in.

Additional Services

  • 24-hour service center, 365 days a year, to help you place an order, to answer your questions, or to give you a pricing quote;
  • Discounts and special offers on custom essay writing. Customers who have found us continue to order essays and papers regularly, and they are the recipients of liberal discounts!
  • The promise that only qualified writers work for us. Your writer will always have a degree in your topic area and that degree will always be above where you are. Further, all of our writers are English-speaking and have graduated from English-speaking universities.

Years ago, when EssayElites.com opened its doors, we committed to a continued market research endeavor, so that we could always serve our customers well. What we have discovered over the years has informed all of the policies, practices, and services that we offer in the custom online essay service industry. We know exactly what students who purchase essays and papers want and we know how to provide it.

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  1. Students want honesty: When they come to a service to buy essays or papers, they want that service to tell them exactly how they will produce the works they order, who will be producing them, and exactly how much each order placement will cost, up front;
  2. Students want original writing: Too many essay online companies pass off plagiarized or “spun” writing as the original. EssayElites.com guarantees plagiarism-free products and has detection software to confirm this;
  3. Students want qualified writers: They want to know that the individuals producing their essay papers are qualified to write on their topics and at their schooling levels. EssayElites.com guarantees that every writer will be one level above the students they write for. An individual with a Bachelor’s degree will write biology essays and papers for high school students; a Ph.D. business professional will write for students in MBA and Ph.D. business programs. That is how we “roll!”
  4. Students want their instructions followed: The best guarantee we can give regarding this is to have a detailed order form for students to complete when they order custom essay and paper writing. As well, we put them in touch with their writers, so that all detail can be further clarified;
  5. Students want to see drafts of the writing that is being produced: We insist upon it. Your writer will send you drafts for your approval. Until you are happy with the final product, s/he will not stop working!
  6. Students want quality and affordability: We get it! You cannot buy written essays and papers from us for the cheap price that many other services charges. You can, however, get the highest quality available for a surprisingly reasonable price. To keep high-quality writers, we must pay them well, and we do. Our profit comes from the volume of business we do because our reputation continually brings additional customers to our doors! Given the choice between cheap price and high quality, students always choose quality!

We have added some additional features and benefits that our customer feedback tells us are most appreciated. We maintain a 24-hour customer service center, to provide help around the clock, even in the middle of the night, in any time zone on the planet. If you are up stressing late at night, just contact us!

We also have a great discount plan for our loyal customers, so students who return to us will always get a price break. As well, we have special offers and sales regularly. Check out our site for the full details!

One of the really attractive features of our company is that we have been in business for so many years. We have continued and will continue to enhance and expand our services as our clientele demands, and, as new fields of study are added in high school, university, and graduate programs, we will continue to add those to our realm of services.

You cannot go wrong with EssayElites.com on your side. When you purchase essays and papers from our top-rated company, you will always get the best quality for the best price. Whether you are a high school student who needs an English essay or a doctoral student working on an environmental science dissertation or anything in between, you can count on us!
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