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Nursing Essay Writing Tips
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If you need tips on writing a nursing essay, this article is particularly for you. Writing a nursing paper may be complicated as many students focus on practice forgetting that theory and writing are essential. Nursing essays do not only help students find new information, but they also make those think critically and apply practical knowledge in theory. Moreover, in the future, obtained theoretical knowledge will be used in practice.

A nursing paper, like any academic work, requires following some particular requirements and rules. Using these nursing school essay tips you may obtain knowledge and skills in developing a topic and writing research. You may also read about skills you need to possess and the characteristics of a top nursing paper below.

What Is Nursing Essay Writing?

A nursing essay is an essay written with the purpose to disclose some particular theme in healthcare. Nursing papers written by college and university students are usually prepared for publication or a conference to show an innovative approach to some common topics.

Some people wonder why nurses should write papers, as they need to learn practical aspects of the profession.

Nursing is a multifaceted profession. Practice is essential and should be put in the first place. However, nursing becomes weak without research and writing as while writing students obtain much information and skills of critical and analytical thinking, which are essential skills in practical nursing.

How to Develop a Title out of Hundreds of Nursing Essay Topics

There is a vast majority of topics offered for nursing papers online. There is a rating of themes considered as the most discussed in colleges and universities this year. However, if you wish to be unique and develop an original title for your paper, you need to obtain a range of qualities and skills. You should be:

  • Critical. Being critical means that you question each idea that comes to your mind and each statement you read in a source. You have to check the ideas in different sources to ensure that the statement is correct and deserves attention. You should not give in to bias as your paper is presupposed for many people, and each person should feel free and unprejudiced when reading your data.
  • Open-minded. Open your mind to new ideas and information. One of the largest mistakes of students is to refer to personal knowledge and skills only. There is so much information online; research findings appear every minute, and if you refer to personal experience only you risk appear in the situation that your ideas are not relevant anymore. Always use any smallest opportunity to check information online, especially the most recent findings. The ideas you think about may be outdated or already researched by many students. Always be open to new themes and ideas.
  • Culturally competent. Mind about diversity and always be culturally sensitive. Always think about whether your ideas may offend others or bring negative outcomes to them. When discussing some sensitive themes, you should be objective and do not offend people, but try to sound compassionate and empathetic.

Tips on Writing a Nursing Essay

  1. Understanding. Show that you have a firm position about the topic and obtain the most recent knowledge in nursing trends. Make sure that you have properly studied the topic to be aware of the most recent trends and can successfully support and protect your position.
  2. Academic quality. Any essay is an academic piece, and writing an academic paper requires following some particular rules and strategies. Study contemporary English grammar and punctuation rules, check how to cite the paper properly, and understand the academic style of writing to get the highest grades for your paper.
  3. Paper types. Even though academic rules are the same for all papers, there are different types of papers, and it is important to stick to specific rules. An essay, a research paper, an article, a literature review, and many others are the order types that require specific structure and style for writing. Check how each type of paper is written to deliver top papers when requested.
  4. Content. The content of the paper must be unique no matter what is requested. Of course, you have to follow the instructions, but no matter what is asked, you have to conduct research, analyze the found material, and write down the information in your unique understanding. No matter how many people read an article, each person will use different words to summarize the content. This is exactly what is requested.
  5. Theory and practice. The application of practical knowledge in writing and theoretical information in practice is essential for nurses. When you are requested to write a nursing paper, you need to apply theory into practice and vice versa. This is an important skill all nurses have to possess.
  6. Extended reading. A nursing paper requires substantial citations throughout the writing. Any idea you provide must be supported with evidence. Since research goes fast, you need to apply sources no older than 5 years from the publication date as older sources may provide inaccurate information.
  7. Hierarchy of evidence. When you cite sources, you need to understand what level of evidence you refer. The higher level of evidence presupposes that the information in such a source is more accurate and deserves attention. You may refer to opinion papers in nursing essay writing but you also need to mind that this information may be inaccurate and highly biased. Mind this when working on your papers.
  8. Structure. Always structure your paper as requested. Each paper type requires a particular structure. Make sure that you properly understand what you write and why. Still, the basic introduction, main body, and conclusion structure will remain unchanged in most cases.
  9. Logical flow. You should always sound logical, as this is the only way of how others will understand you. Writing a nursing essay, you need to make a claim, explain it, use evidence to support your statement, deepen the discussion, and write a concluding statement. Each argument should flow out of the previous statement to create a connected discussion without abrupt phrases.
  10. Balance. You need to balance information you obtained from credible sources and your considerations. Since a nursing paper is not an opinion paper, you cannot avoid citing the sources. At the same time, this is not a literature review, where each idea is cited. Balance borrowed information and your considerations and conclusions.


If you have no idea how to start a nursing school essay, you may check the tips on writing a nursing essay and the guidelines offered above. This information can help you develop the best nursing essay that may deserve A+.


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