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Letters are divided into various types depending on their main purpose. Some people need to write letters for private life, while others only do it for business matters. It is not so important what the goal of the letter is, but the proper format and style is a must in any case.

It is quite a challenging assignment to complete any kind of letter. Our company specializes in a letter writing service and will be glad to assist you with such a complicated task. After you send us relevant information, we will set up the letter and adapt it to your purpose. As well, if you have already created some rough copies we can have a look and correct it.

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We promise that you will be impressed by the final result of our personal letter writing service. You can receive any desired type and size of the letter made by our professional letter writer for affordable prices. Feel free to reach us at any convenient time for you to ask, dispute and order. Our highly-qualified author’s team is always at your disposal.

What Our Letter Writing Service Offers

We are a quite experienced company that is why we are not afraid to deal with extraordinary, tough, a bit confusing types of paper documents. Whatever you need to be completed, our experts are ready to write a letter online for you. Nowadays EssayElites.com is one of the most promising companies to work with writing a letter if you care about the final result. Here is you can find a list of benefits we provide for you:

  • Only unique documents. Every letter you order from our company has an excellent quality, made from the outset by letter writer online according to required rules, topic and schedule with no plagiarism at all;
  • If you hesitate regarding any specific editing or formatting tools used in your academy or you are concerned about some other issue, our authors are always happy to assist you;
  • Our prices are reasonable and fully comply with our quality. We know that students are not financially secure part of society, so we set affordable enough cost.
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We Create Letters of Different Types

  • Friendly letter – is a kind of private note completed according to specific conventions such as name, address. It has no strict form and size, but still should be done following some structure
  • Recommendation letter – is a type of usually positive message, where you estimate the knowledge, experience, and other personal features of a concrete person. Most of all, it is required from the previous place of work
  • Cover letter – a letter that normally escorts other papers such as resume, curriculum vitae when employing for a new job. It is supposed to show the addresser to the hirer and give an extra proof that the candidate is appropriate to become a part of this firm
  • Thank you letter – they are usually created when you want to express your deepest gratitude. It may be done for plenty of reasons: for a friend’s assistance, for a professional’s help
  • Job application letter –you complete it when want to be hired for a job. You have to persuade your potential employer why exactly you are the most suitable person for this position and what you will bring to the company
  • Business letter – this a specific type of communication in an entrepreneurial sphere between business owners and partners, which requires a strict etiquette
  • Personal letter – an informal type of letter between friends and close people about regular matters. The only thing is keeping the simple rules of the English language
  • Political letter –it is a note directed to a public person to show support, make a request or leave a complaint about the relevant issue. Usually, this type of letter has to be only nominally addressed and it is located in the place where is expected to attract much attention
  • Love letter – is a less popular type of letter, but do not be surprised if you will have such a task at your university. It has no demands and regulations, the main thing is to express your feelings and emotions

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For example, a few miserable mistakes can have a great impact on how your potential hirer will look at you as on a professional. That is why it is essentially important to ask about professional letter writing service to make a first impression pretty nice. If you select our letter writing service, we guarantee you the highest quality. The human resource manager who will deal with you will be much surprised with a letter we complete for you and will be able to estimate your personal features deservedly.

Our Advantages

  • We set the most reasonable prices for every customer, because we want our clients to get the highest quality documents at a very modest cost. Also, we do not have any hidden charges, as we want to create trusted relations with all our buyers
  • We can promise you that our letters made according to the highest standards. Our author’s team is talented, dedicated, motivated and quite experienced, they know their job very well
  • We promise to keep the highest privacy level. Be sure, that you receive a fully unique paper document and all your private information is protected and hided
  • Feel free to contact our online client support department which is always at your disposal for any questions and issues. Keep in mind that our letter writing service employees are available 24/7 for you
  • The process of making an order on our web site will not take much of your time. You just have to fulfill a special field, make a payment and wait for our callback.

We Do Everything to Meet Your Expectations

We always do our best to fully meet your expectations with your order and turn you into our loyal customer. For that aim, our author’s team consists of specialists from various subjects, who have different experience and field of own interests. They are comprehensively developed to make sure they are able to manage any paper document you order. That is why there is no need to care about the final result, our employees can deal with the most challenging task.


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