How to Improve Speech Skills: 7 Tips to Follow

how to give a good speech
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If your task is to write a speech, then you must know how to merge your creative skills into the art of rhetoric. Unlike producing an ordinary essay, speech writing revolves around a strong focus on the target audience. The role of a speaker entails exerting influence on the listeners, keeping their attention, and evoking interest in the issue you elucidate. So, how to improve speech writing and delivery skills? First, you have to mind that your goal is to create outstanding relevant content and then make a presentation about it. There should be a seamless harmony between the quality of your content and its delivery to your audience.

Why are speeches important? Public speaking is essential when you want to introduce yourself as a new leader or inventor; when you strive to express an important opinion; when you want to motivate others by demonstrating great examples of hard work and success. Usually, giving a speech before an event makes the occasion more meaningful. It keeps the visitors intrigued.

Speeches can be formal and informal, emotional and reserved. However, if you have never practiced public speaking, you need to learn the basics before you start experimenting with the types of speeches.

Of course, not everyone is good at public speaking. But students are assigned with regular academic presentations for a reason. It teaches you to speak in front of a small audience, and you gradually gain confidence in your communication skills. You may not even notice how eloquent you became until all guests at your friend’s wedding will delightfully applaud you for such an inspiring speech. Even if you think that it is “not your cup of tea”, preparing for a speech and delivering it may have therapeutic effects. Many individuals eventually get rid of glossophobia – the fear of speaking in public.

We have come up with 7 effective tips to help you out with your speech preparation. Our guide will teach you to write presentation speeches, commemorative speeches, and even public activism speeches. You will not only know how to start a speech but also will be able to find the best words to keep your listeners engaged until your last sentence. After a brief pause, you will hear a round of applause!

  1. Turn your speech into a performance

This advice is not about disguising your true intentions, being an actor on stage. There is, though, something in common with a theatrical play, especially the one involving a single person. It is impossible to evoke interest in your audience if you just monotonously read your notes. You have to learn everything by heart. Anyway, speaking without emotions and gestures will not capture your audience at all.

If your speech is creative, then you can play with contrasts, add some flavors of literary devices and witty jokes, but always be concentrated on the subject matter. If your speech is more official, you can still add some puns, but you should sound serious about the topic, providing strong arguments to support your standpoint. Sometimes, tension and suspense in your speech are decisive elements to hook your audience.

It all resembles a good performance and, at the same time, it serves a noble purpose.

  1. Make your speech concise

Before you even start writing your presentation, ask yourself “What makes a good speech?”. The answers might be relevant content, connection with the audience, and, more importantly, concision. Look at the average Ted Talk. It typically lasts no more than 15 minutes. A speech is expressive. More than 15 minutes of an emphatic information-packed speech will likely make your listeners bored. Unlike creative writing where your ideas can flow almost incessantly, always prefer succinct speeches to lengthy ones.

  1. Focus on the interests of your audience

When you process speech ideas, you should always keep the preferences of your audience in mind. Yes, you should be able to predict what they would want to hear in the first place. Usually, people want to hear about the possible outcomes of certain ideas’ implementation. They also would like to know about the potential benefits they may get. So, it is reasonable to dedicate a large part of your speech to the positive results gained owing to the appropriate employment of a matter in question.

  1. Make use of the lectern just to step aside

When thinking how to give a good speech, one of our experts said, “It’s vital to get rid of the lectern!” He meant that any lecturing desk embodies a barrier between speakers and their listeners. It is too official and outdated. It does not really conceal how much you worry because your voice will expose you anyway. Still, it’s good to use the lectern in a smart way. Start your speech standing there, but in a few minutes, step out from behind it, keep speaking and even start slowly moving around the stage. Your audience will appreciate this tactic as a display of sincerity.

  1. Find your speaking pace

If you do not encounter the audience often, you will likely speak faster than usual when delivering your speech. Being on stage makes you feel nervous, which simultaneously increases your talking pace. Although jabberwocky is an amusing word coined by Lewis Carroll, in real life, it embodies empty rhetoric. Even meaningful ideas expressed too fast turn into gibberish. So, one of the ways how to improve speech skills is to assess your normal speaking speed. Record yourself when practicing and then count words said per minute. Saying 160-200 words per minute is too fast, while 100 and fewer words per minute is too slow. It’s beneficial to make your speaking pace of 120-130 words per minute.

Besides, keep in mind: formal speeches should be slower than informal ones.

  1. Use Gestures Intangibly

Nonverbal communication keeps the first place among the most effective public speaking strategies if you do not overuse your gestures. It would be awkward not to produce any gestures. However, your audience will find nervous gestures uncomfortable. Hence, practice your gestures in front of the mirror. You will see whether some of your motions are annoying. Concentrate on conveying your opinion without distractions.

  1. Be prepared for various reactions

Knowing how to make a good speech may not be enough without this last tip. It is always difficult to predict the reactions of your listeners. You will see the scope of their involvement only in the process of your speech delivery. If you say something hilarious, the audience will laugh. If you say something motivating, someone may exclaim, “Yes, you are right!” So, there may be cheering, laughter, and applause, but there may also be some negative comments said out loud. Although it sounds intimidating, you have to get prepared for all sorts of reactions. Remember that even professional speakers go through ups and downs. They may be not always understood. Sometimes, the reaction is delayed, and it seems awkward. Yet, you have to keep calm, smile, and continue speaking.

When the reaction is positive, your listeners may keep applauding you for quite some time. This is an encouraging delay of your further speech delivery and you can act as sincerely as possible in such a situation. If applause or laughter last longer than needed, you can say “Thank you” or startle them with something unexpected (if you prepared this “trump card” in advance).


Before you appear on stage as an excellent speaker, you should work out the best strategies for speech presentation writing. If you jot down all your focal points and make an outline, the overall creative process will be much more facilitating. If you read through the above-mentioned steps attentively, then there’ll be no need to ask Google, “How to make a speech and impress your listeners?”

In any case, whenever you need assistance with your speech writing, you will find the required wit and eloquence via Our writing specialists have produced numerous successful speeches for miscellaneous purposes. So, undoubtedly, we will cope with any kind of research paper and presentation!


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