How to Compose a Worthy Essay on Art

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It may sound quite obvious, but one of the things pushing you to the further productive work is opting for a well-directed topic. Search for some issue connected to your studio preferences that would kindle the spark of interest in you.

You should perfectly understand what art essays are aimed at:

  • Presenting visual material. In most cases, in such papers are included examples of the visual art and any other inventive ideas of people.
  • Make progress in the art of innovation, originality, and imaginativeness. The benefit of essays about art is they work for uncovering students’ power and capabilities to interpret and create various objects of art. It gives a chance to change the way we perceive things and deliver these ideas to others.

Your individual concept

Once you have undertaken this kind of essay, you should center your attention on exhibitions and original art objects presented there. Once you evaluate some of them, you need to put forward a critical overview of some particular thing. Remember that an instructor who evaluates your paper is interested in some uncommon and ground-breaking perception of art. What is more, you should also find some other reviews which explicate an opposing point of view.

Studying sources

You have probably already understood that extensive reading and digging deeper are two main tools to get some information on a topic you have chosen. You need to hunt for the most valuable sources and process them correctly. Remember, it is necessary to note the thoughts which come to mind in the process. Furthermore, do not forget to write down some details about the lines you cite, such as page number and book details.

In percentage terms, a writer should devote around 60% of time on research.

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Following a detailed plan

Not to get things messed up, you’ll need to come up with an action plan covering every possible detail. Completing an outline should also guide you into creating a precise structure of the essay. Do not start your first draft unless you have accomplished an outline.

Content organization

An introduction is quite a functional part of the entire paper. First, it represents the major argument to be raised in the writing. Additionally, it gives some facts on the background of an issue and creates a first impression of the paper itself. The main body is intended to clarify the topic and suggest ideas to advocate the thesis stated in the intro. Finally, the conclusion is your only remaining chance to influence a reader, proclaim your ideas, and highlight the central points explained in your paper.

Here are some more ideas on the strategy for completing an art essay:

  • Quotes are the essence of this type of writing. On average, a 2000-word essay should include three or four citations. However, do not take too long utterances, it should be laconic and precisely related to the point being explained.
  • Insert a direct quote and use quotation mart to enclose it. Footnote is a vital component to add at the end.
  • Avoid using such expressions as “I believe…”, “from my point of view” and others, as far as the essay already indicates that you set forth your own concepts.
  • There is no point is put up a number of generalized statements. They make a paper chaotic and confuse a reader.
  • Whenever you use any term, make sure you apply them correctly, especially those which relate to history, for instance, Postmodernism, Realism. All the historical periods in art have their exact identification in time and characteristics, so do not get puzzled. Additionally, some terms may require explanations for those readers who are not so well-versed in all nuances of the issue you have undertaken.
  • Stay away from colloquial language and slang words.
  • Academic writing requires using artist’s surname, but once you first mention him or her and tell something about the personality, apply the full name. In this case, the full name should be followed by brackets with birth and death dates.
  • All the titles of paintings you mention should be handled in italics or in bold. Add some info about the current location of a certain work, name of the collection, and the original date when it was created.
  • What about numbers, they should be written in words if they are smaller than a hundred. Figures should be used for those that surpass one hundred. Remember, this rule doesn’t concern sums of money and dimensions of a painting.
  • It may happen that you undertake some unexplored work of art, give an example of the resource illustrating it and tell the place where the painting is located. You may also need to attach the illustrated itself to the extract. This is the way you should complete it: “Figure 1.” and impart some description data.

The most popular topics for essays on art:

  1. How do you understand the philosophy of art?
  2. The process of photography development and its affiliation with art.
  3. The true history of carnival masks in Venetia.
  4. African tribes’ original and inimitable fashion.
  5. How does globalization influence art?
  6. The effect technologies have on modern art.
  7. Could be video games related to not only sport but art as well?
  8. Why school program should definitely conclude art disciplines?
  9. Art education as a factor that makes us think differently.
  10. Mythology motives in the Ancient Greece sculptures.
  11. The period of Renaissance and the significant role Raphael performed in it.
  12. How English and French gardens are different?
  13. Modern art of graffiti.
  14. Origins and the message of Mayan art.

Now you are aware of various ins and outs of completing the essay on art. Opt for a topic that truly touches you and try to do your best to find the true roots of it and decode its message. The final steps of the process should be editing and proofreading.

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