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Does it happen that you need the services of a good synopsis writer? Writing this type of papers is among the most popular kinds of services that our writing company provides. What is a synopsis? It is not simple summary, but a longer and more detailed presentation of a book, for example, aimed at marketing it prior to actual publication. It is possible to do the marketing of several books simultaneously with referencing your synopsis.

Our synopsis writing service can be of great assistance for you if you need to let your publisher or agent now about a coming synopsis. What you can include is a presentation of your characters, key points of the plot, and the main hook that draws the readers’ attention. Your synopsis will serve as a basis for the decision whether the publishers or agents will be interested in your book. It will also be read by the book bloggers, as they need basic details to see if your book belongs to the genre they typically review. It is essential to get a lot of favorable reviews and book bloggers can help a lot as they will determine whether your book will be noticed by potential readers.

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Synopsis Format

A synopsis has a typical format with certain differences depending on the manuscript genre. First of all, it includes the identification of a protagonist and basic information about the setting. Secondly, it covers the discussion of key points of the book plot and events, including the conflict but excusing the peculiar features of the ending.

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How can you write about a book if you have not read it? So, the service of professional writers always exists as an add-on to the projects of editing.

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Buy custom synopsis papers from us if you need clear presentation of all details and concise description of the characters and the plot without giving away the secret of the book ending. You have to like the book to make the synopsis interesting as well. If you order the paper from us, you can have a look at it and then request for a free revision at no extra charge withing the 48 hours after the deadline! Mind that a synopsis writer will redo that paper not later than after 2 days or 48 hours after the deadline of your order has expired.


Our prices are affordable. Double spacing implies having 300 words per page, while single spacing means there are twice as many words per page – 600. Our customers can benefit from different extra services if they tell us, “Write a synopsis for me!” They can order an additional draft service or the VIP service and also get certain discounts while ordering! Our loyal customers are always happy to work with us! You have never placed orders at EssayElites.com.

You naturally doubt that somebody can be professionally enough to make your synopsis brilliant. However, if you opt for EssayElites.com and get a synopsis from scratch, you will see that the result of writing, your saved energy, nerves and time were definitely worth the price you have paid.

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If you have made your decision and now hesitate only about how to place your order, just follow the following simple guidelines:

  • Fill in the registration form at the website. You can buy synopsis for college, university or any other level, but please provide all the instructions and requirements for the writer. All the details should be precise and accompanied with the relevant files. This is the condition of a successful synopsis task. Let us know what type of the task you have chosen, how many pages of writing you need, and which style you prefer. Let us view all the comments of your professors, templates, or additional materials to be able to do our best.
  • Choose the most appropriate ad convenient order options and proceed to payment with your credit card or payment system of PayPal. We always ensure that every online money transaction is safe.
  • Mind that our research synopsis writing service has a great messaging system for every writer and customer, and you can use it 24/7.
  • Request for writer’s revision if you want the adjustments and amendments to be made within the allowed time.
  • We will appreciate your feedback!

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