Application Lifecycle Management Tool

Application Lifecycle Management (hereafter ALM) is the progressive management of the development of an application. The process encompasses the management of the application from conceptualization until its retirement (Hollmann, & Pieper, 2016). Any application has a lifecycle characterized by three phases: the design phase, the deployment phase and, finally, the retirement phase. These three stages are interrelated, and their efficient management maximizes the value of custom business software. ALM is a management tool that includes both the management of projects and decisions involved in the designing of the application. ALM also provides developers with the tools necessary to formulate, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage an application throughout its lifecycle (Hanna, 2016). Moreover, due to the outsourcing of application development, the designing of the application involves developers spreading over different locations, platforms, time zones, tools, processes, and diverse supply chains. Therefore, ALM serves to connect, coordinate and control the entire process. In this research paper, a review of ALM’s concepts utilizes Inflectra’s SpiraTeam Application Lifecycle Management tool.

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SpiraTeam is a comprehensive solution that provides a variety of features. The tool focuses on defect management, requirements, and test aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Inflectra’s SpiraTeam provides developers with a feature-rich platform to accomplish their development needs. The tool incorporates the following features and capabilities: it offers a robust online UI with versatile mobile backing, fully integrated cloud-based document administration framework, the ability to perform a comprehensive audit of modifications made in the system. SpiraTeam provides developers and project managers with the ability to generate electronic charts and reports in MS-Office and HTML formats. Moreover, this tool allows project managers to structure project needs into discreet and highly defined tasks for their teams. As a project manager, SpiraTeam helps in organizing and planning phase of every software trial or release. SpiraTeam gives developers the capacity to conduct tests utilizing a simple-to-use test wizard providing total traceability of bugs from conceptualization up to the core requirement. Additional, the tool aids project managers allocate scarce resources depending on exhaustive mission budgets.

SpiraTeam’s greatest deficiency noted by a number of end-users is that the application is limited in its report generating ability, its graphical user interface (GUI) is less intuitive and constraints the users capacity to create detailed reports. This limitation is crucial as the extraction of relevant and mission critical data from the system is a fundamental requirement of ALM tool.

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Advanced users complain of the difficulty experienced in integrating SpiraTeam with other industry standards and vendor ALMs (Alyahya, Alqahtani, & Maddeh, 2016). While most are satisfied with the testing environment and work processes, some think that it is awkward and unconvenient. While most users primarily find using the tool components easy and rewarding , the other indicate that the company should review and update the software. With programming intended to serve vast quantities of clients, the organization needs to address such demands because there is a need to “cut up” their information in an unexpected way. Staying aware of everybody’s peculiar needs is a genuine test, particularly in the reporting field.

Application Lifecycle Management instruments can enhance programming quality, cut expenses, abbreviate time to market, improve joint effort by plainly laying out work processes, and helping Aberdeen Software keep focused of its portfolio and procedures all through its application development lifecycle. Using SpiraTeam, the company will be able to bolster each of the procedures of software development. The Security Application Lifecycle Management (SALM) frameworks are the security augmentation of Application Lifecycle Management items: instruments intended to deal with the way software is built. SALM frameworks characterizes particular application security concerns and their precaution controls as significant to a given application by standards identifying with the application’s basic properties, for example, class of utilization (e.g. web versus customer/server), innovation stack (e.g. Java EE, C/C++, Android SDK), and administrative drivers (e.g. PCI DSS) (Hollmann et al., 2016).

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Keeping in mind the end goal is to minimize data security dangers, Aberdeen needs to characterize and realize how to ensure developed applications role and general worth. By giving logically pertinent Tasks, SALM frameworks re-implement a rampart amongst the best of application security controls: engineer mindfulness preparation, while diminishing the subjective weight of recollecting all pertinent security issues. The preparation is logically significant, along these lines expanding its effectiveness (Johnson, Dempsey, Ross,  Gupta & Bailey, 2011). Where conceivable, the SALM framework gives illustrations of known-great source code in the developer`s customizing process. Furnished with genuine arrangement code, junior engineers do not need to resort to source code cases posted on the Internet from unconfirmed sources. Additionally, by giving instructional recordings on the best way to test for errors, the SALM framework gives logical administration over the team. Determine your danger ravenousness. Decide on the level of danger the association is set up to endure and impart it (Faciana, & Wirvin, n.d). Maintain the Board’s engagement with digital danger Make digital hazard a normal motivation thing. Record digital dangers in the corporate hazard register to guarantee senior proprietorship. Produce supporting danger administration strategies in the larger corporate security strategy should be created together with a data hazard administration strategy. Adopt a lifecycle approach Risk administration is an entire life process and the association’s arrangements and procedures ought to.

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