With the rapid pace of technological advancements, our world is in the process of constant innovations that change people’s lives. Old traditions are replaced by the new ones. The same is with skills: some of the previous skills are no longer needed or values. Adolescents in particular are under enormous impact of new technologies since technology has already become part and parcel of their everyday life, routine, and habits. This modernization aspect is hard to evaluate and clearly state whether it is good or bad as technology remains a controversial aspect and a popular topic of discussions. All things considered, people realize this problem and admit their contribution to its existence.

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Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the use of inquiry and analysis techniques in efforts to assemble and maintain proof from a certain computing machine in a manner that is presentable in a [...]

Email Issues

In the modern world, communication via the Internet has become a part of most people’s everyday life. We read online news, participate in interesting blogs, chat via social networks and [...]

Network Effects

For some kinds of choices, one has an obvious benefit when he/she aligns his/her actions with the actions of others. The "network effects" discussed in this work reflect this phenomenon. [...]


Due to the rapid development of the tech industry it became easier to live in the modern society. Different companies as well as entrepreneurs are searching for new products that [...]

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