Project Communication


Project communication refers to as the exchange of information that is project related with other stakeholders in order to make the project successful. Effective means of communication are required in order to achieve the set goals of the project.

Project stakeholders

Stakeholders are those people who take part in the project and have interest on the progress and outcome of the project. There are two types of stakeholders; internal stakeholders who include employees, project team, and senior management like the chief executive officer, directors and other managers. In district 4 move project, there is operations vice president, other employees in the district. External stakeholders include customers, suppliers and other interested parties who do not work in the company but have interest on the progress, and they may be interested on the outcome. In district 4 move project, contractors like City Equipment Movers and customers of the products are examples of external stakeholders. Different stakeholders have different needs and expectations from the project thus project development team need to address them effectively.

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Communication to stakeholders

Effective communication is required to address different needs of stakeholders, to ensure easy flow of information that will lead to successful project. Communication needs to be simple, timely, and easy to understand. The various communication methods used include meetings, telephone calls, emails, and websites; in district 4 move project, meetings are appropriate. They need to meet with the contractors, senior managers, and with other team project members. Project manager must outline the objective of the meeting before deciding one; this determines the audience and duration of the meeting. For inquiries, clarification and informing, they can use telephone calls and emails.

Different stakeholders have different needs to be addressed such as senior managers need to identify the problems and solutions in the project, suppliers need to know the kind of materials required, other office staff need to know the progress of the project and what is required of them.

When and how often to give information, depends on the kind of stakeholder and their need. Because meetings are objective and need to be planned, they may be carried out weekly, monthly or quarterly whereas phone calls, emails can be used anytime. It should be noted that communication is throughout the period of the project. This can be summarized in the table below.

Type of stakeholder Purpose of the meeting frequency Audience
Senior managers Identify problems and solution weekly Project managers and senior managers.
Project development team To analyze the progress of the project weekly Project team members.
Suppliers(contractors) To know what is required of them As need arises Project managers and suppliers.


Communication is very vital in any project so as to achieve the set goals. In district 4 move project, all employees and other stakeholders involved need to be contacted to ensure successful project that will lead to increase in sales and distribution hence revenue generation.

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