Mathematical Application


The study and application of mathematics have been vital to the development of civilization because  it has enabled the creation of nearly everything we have today. The houses that we occupy, places where we play and work in are all built with the help of the provisions that are based on mathematics. Also, from early to modern times, mathematics has been important to the students, researchers and workers in their day to day lives; their lifes without mathematics are difficult to imagine. Similarly, mathematics is essential in many fields of study, such as physical science, engineering, music, as well as the social sciences. Its application has also led to the occurrence of another discipline of mathematics that includes statistics and game theory. Therefore, in order to learn more about mathematics, the current essay will discuss how it supports other subjects and how it improves our understandings or our ability to work with it.

The Role of Mathematics in Other Subjects

Mathematics is important in physical chemistry, particularly in an advanced topic, like quantum or statistical mechanics. Quantum depends on the use of the group theory and linear algebra and, hence, there is a need for one to have an acquaintance of mathematics and the related topics. Statistical mechanics also depends on probability theory. Apart from that, there are other fields in chemistry that require mathematics. For example, various contemporary IR and NMR spectroscopy machines apply the Fourier transform to find spectra. Important topics in Biochemistry, like binding theory and kinetics, also heavily depend on mathematics. Moreover, most pharmaceutical companies hire people who have certain knowledge in mathematics to work on the effectiveness or dangers of new drugs in the clinical data (Brio, Webb, & Zakharian, 2010).

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Mathematics has also played a significant role in developing different branches of engineering, such as mechanical, aeronautical and chemical engineering through contributing in heat transfer, elasticity, and lubrication, among other things. The students of Electrical engineering and engineers use mathematics in information theory, analysis and production of networks and the digital computers’ designing. Moreover, the mathematical framework is used in describing numerous technological processes of the industry. This framework is then used in analyzing and comprehension of the importance of embracing efficient methodologies in these processes, thus leading to the introduction of Mathematical Technology (Brio, Webb, & Zakharian, 2010).

Economics involves various theories of Economics and Econometric, whereby  mathematic work is widely applied in all of them. For example, matrices, probability, and statistics tools are used in Econometrics. Furthermore, mathematical thinking is used in the national economic planning, and various mathematical models for planning. These models may be linear or non-linear, continuous or discrete, static or dynamic, microscopic or macroscopic, whereby the algebraic, integral, differential, among other equations, are used as the solution to their  problems. Later in the stage, more complex models for international economies that predict and optimize various economic policies results are being developed (Page, 2013).

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Social sciences disciplines, such as psychology and archaeology also involve an application of  mathematics. For instance, archaeologists use various mathematical and statistical techniques when presenting the data they have acquired from an archaeological survey and differentiate patterns in their results that reveal the earlier human behaviors. They use Statistical measures when excavating to monitor the  most successful pit and make a decision on more excavation. Archaeologists then  scrutinize the findings by using statistical and numerical means to check the patterns in the manner the archaeological record changes within a particular time and location across the country. Archaeologists also apply statistics to help them test the consistency interpretations that they have made (Bourguignon, 2001).

Music theorists use the mathematics to recognize the arrangement of music and connect new ways of hearing it, thus making them apply number theory, set theory, and abstract algebra. Musical scholars and students also use mathematics to understand the scale of music with many composers integrating Fibonacci numbers and the Golden ratio into their work. It is interesting that most  music nowadays is produced by the use of synthesizers and digital processors to make the correction on the  pitch and increase effects to the sound. The audio software engineers who manipulate the digital sound to create these tools use a mathematical technique that is known as  Fourier analysis (Shah, 2010). Also, students learning theater, dance and music can benefit from mathematical skills, since they guide the musical beats, thus enabling them to understand and follow the same beats when dancing and performing in theater. Moreover, mathematic is crucial in art, since students rely on geometry to create  good art pieces (Casse, & Bourguignon, 2012).

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In literature and writing, grasping basic calculations help the students when they try to learn poetry. According to Bourguignon (2001), things like wording in a line, the effect of a certain rhythm to the person reading, among others, depends on mathematics. At the ordinary level, it can enable the  literature students to organize their work in classes by showing the amount of time they dedicate to reading, as well as approximating the time they spend doing a particular assignment. In addition, the  linear and logical thinking that is applied when solving mathematical problems can assist the students  to write more logically and clearly.


Mathematics is very  important, since it has made our lives worthwhile. It has also made it possible for people studying  and working in various disciplines to pursue their careers with ease. If students are taught on the need and importance of the practical application of mathematics early enough, they can then develop an interest in it and this will enable them to succeed. Therefore, in order to make it accessible and enjoyable for everybody, people should be encouraged to explore mathematics in schools and in the wider society.

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