Evaluating Metro Dental Services’ Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is an important aspect in enhancing the competence and loyalty of employees to an organization, which, in turn, leads to productivity improvement (Anitha, 2014). To identify areas that need improvement in an organization, the human resource management conducts employee engagement surveys in order to get the opinions of the employees regarding the organization. The results of these surveys are usually documented for the analysis. By analyzing data from these surveys, the human resource management can develop strategies for improving productivity of the organization. The aim of this paper is to provide a critical analysis of how organizations can utilize human engagement surveys in an aim to improve their productivity.

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The Health of Metro Dental Services Based on the Employee Engagement Survey

Strengths of Metro Dental Services

Based on the general view of the results of the Metro Dental Services’ employee engagement survey, it is evident that the employees at this organization are highly engaged, which can be seen from the high employee engagement scores in this survey report. Various areas of strength in this organization need to be celebrated. The report indicates the employee engagement scores with regard to the working conditions should be more than approximately 80% (MDS Employee Engagement Survey). This is a very high score, which is an indicator of the organization’s success in providing employees with a favorable working environment capable of increasing their morale towards work. On custodian and quality orientation, the engagement survey indicates a high favorable engagement score of more than 75%. This is a sign of the employees’ satisfaction with how tasks are comprehensively performed in this organization. The scores on training and empowerment in the organization are also high and are based on the favorable responses of this engagement survey. This is a major indicator of high engagement of employees at Metro Dental Services (MDS Employee Engagement Survey Interpretation). Based on the survey’s report, the level of teamwork is also high as it is slightly above 75%, which indicates high morale and cooperation among employees.

Weaknesses of Metro Dental Services

Based on the survey’s report, several areas need improvement within the organization. The scores on the identification of employees within the company are acceptable, but they also indicate the need to enhance the alignment of the enterprise goals and values with those of the employees since they are below 75% (MDS Employee Engagement Survey). Likewise, the favorable scores on work demands based on the survey are slightly below 75%. It is also acceptable, but there is still room for improvement. The phenomenon may be indicative of underutilization of employees in the organization or overworking of the employees, which can lead to stress in the workplace.

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Celebrating High Employee Engagement Scores

The first step towards celebrating the high employee engagement scores in this survey is appreciating employees for participating in the survey by recognizing their efforts. Based on the scores, different stakeholders within the organization should be rewarded. The organization’s management should be rewarded for its continued efforts towards promoting favorable working conditions for the employees based on the high favorable scores on the results of working conditions. As well as that, more investments should be made in the organization to optimize working conditions (Yadav, 2014). Employees with exemplary performance in various tasks within the organization should be motivated through performance appraisal for their significant contribution towards the enhancement of custodian and quality orientation (Taplin, Foster, & Shortell, 2013). The efforts of the human resource department should be celebrated due to their high influence on enhancing the training and empowerment of employees as is evident from the survey’s results.

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Improving Low Engagement Scores

Without a doubt, there is always room for improvement regarding all the elements indicated in the employees’ engagement survey of Metro Dental Services. However, more attention should be drawn towards improving employees’ identification with the organization and the issue of unfavorable work demands. Organizational identification relates to the alignment of an individual’s goals and values with those of the organization (Walumbwa et al., 2011). It can be enhanced through the engagement of employees’ in decision making on all critical issues affecting the organization (Florescu & Nastase, 2014). The organization should also strive towards developing a corporate character that employees can easily identify with the organization. Besides, employees should tend to emulate seniors in an organization (Borkowski, 2015). Therefore, to promote organizational identification among employees, there should be high organizational identification among the corporate managers. On the issues of work demands, the human resource management should formulate strategies for proper delegation of employees’ roles based on individual capabilities (Cocowitch et. al, 2013). Such approach would prevent issues of overworking or underutilizing employees. To achieve high engagement of employees within an organization, there is a need for collective and collaborative action across all levels of the organization.


This paper has provided a comprehensive evaluation of the employee engagement survey at Metro Dental Services. Based on this assessment, it is evident that there is a healthy workplace environment in the organization. Moreover, the paper has provided suggestions on how to celebrate high scores in the engagement survey report and how to improve low engagement survey scores. This report is indicative of how organizations can utilize employee engagement surveys to improve their productivity.


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