Austin Hall

Austin Hall

Austin Hall has become a very helpful and interesting project for the students of the Oregon State University. Their reports, as well as those of the workers, prove that it is quite successful and ensures the unique possibility to discuss the information, search for various creative solutions, and develop their business or other skills in the collaborative environment. The current paper will focus on the analysis of the Austin Hall Project based on the theoretical background and the interviews of the participants to justify that the team performance and involvement of the target audience in making the decisions and searching for new ideas is crucial for education, as well as for projects in any other area. In such way, the multi-faceted vision on the situation and communication are the major effective tools for creation and management of any new project.

Evaluation of Austin Hall Project from various perspectives shows that it is quite effective. From the interviews of the workers, one can see that it gave the participants an opportunity to express and finally meet their needs, as well as provide sufficient support. Any student who is interested has a right to be involved and receive all necessary assistance. The interviews provide a number of the sufficient evidences for that. According to the interview of Hayley Brown, who works as a project engineer, each day is quite active. Hayley reports that she has to communicate much and helps solve problems to many people simultaneously. Such issues can prove that the project is quite popular among students and gives them an opportunity to receive answers to all questions they might have. Therefore, offering such project to the students was a very timely decision. At the same time, it makes the students more interested in studies due to the fact that various complicated questions can be analyzed, and the additional computer class that was so necessary became available. While numerous discussions from the main evidence that people need Austin Hall, it is also important to point out that the project ensures not only the effective support to the students, but also reflects the effective and collaborative work of the team. With regard to the interviews, it becomes obvious that the members, who have participated in the Austin Hall Project, feel that they did a good job and their work is highly valued.

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The Austin Hall Project analysis shows two essential features that predetermine its effective development in various areas and in the area of education in particular. The first lesson learned is that the effective project has to rely on the careful investigation of the students’ needs and collecting the views from the consumers or participants. The example that characterizes this lesson can be found in the interview of Robert Bloom, COD student, who points out the importance to ask the students about their needs. For example, he felt his value after being interviewd about the building and issues important for it. Moreover he and other students were involved in estimating the classes, auditoriums and other areas. The requirements of the students in regard to the building were asked at all stages of Austin Hall development. The evidence that the opinion of the final consumers is crucial for the success of the project is also emphasized by Hayley Brown. She views it as important to analyze and follow whether the representation of the project on the Internet corresponds to all needs. According to her report, making environmental notes and regular surveillance of all the rules and requirements is necessary. It allows to view things in the same way as the students do. Hence, primarily the opinion on the issues from various perspectives is necessary to ensure clear understanding of the weak and strong sides of the project. The second lesson that can be learned is that the effective team work relies not only on understanding of the roles and duties assigned to each worker. The appearance of various disputable situations demands effective communication between the team members. As the only woman in the male team, Hayley Brown points out that primarily communication makes her work on the project deprived of various possible problems. She ensures that she has enough support from other team members and they all are good colleagues, which makes their cooperation even more effective. At the same time, she points out the role of communication with the students as the key to understanding all possible issues that may appear during the working process. In addition, communication becomes a key factor for understanding the progress of the project, as well as overall vision. Finally, Alen Sprague and Doug Weir report that the team work is of great value for the Austin Hall due to the effective communication with their boss. They emphasize that such interaction predetermines the uniqueness and success of their team and the entire project.

It can be stated that the topic of team performance was dominant for all interviews. Alen Sprague and Doug Weir emphasize that their team is unique and cooperative. Mainly due to the mutual support and communication, they can reach all aims, teach people, and ensure the progress of the project. Some practical evidences that the team cooperation is crucial for the entire Austin Hall Project success are given by Hayley Brown. In the interview, she discussed the gender factor as the one that could seem to be influential in her working in the male team. Nevertheless, she pointed out that the support from the co-workers and talking to each other are the main stages on the way to effective work. In addition to that, cooperation is also predetermined by the common vision that the workers must have. The theoretical background of the team performance relies on such  concepts as support, teamwork, leadership, regular learning, responsibility, common vision, and other. All of these concepts are commonly applied to team building. Moreover, there are numerous evidences that the common goals and commitment to the organization are the crucial factors that ensure the prosperity of the entire institution. The above mentioned examples from the interviews support the theoretical studies on team performance. Moreover, close cooperation with the director is important and makes the team feel more united and cooperative. The workers emphasize that the director’s input in the team performance is considerable and makes them try to reach for the common aims with even more devotion. At the same time, numerous studies put separate emphasis on the role of the leader in team performance.

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To conclude, Austin Hall is the successful project that ensures considerable educational and communication experience to students. The efforts that are put to study the vision of the students and overcome the weaknesses of the project are efficient to ensure the clear understanding of all the demands and possible flaw backs. Therefore, the multi-faceted perspective on the developing project must be regarded as the basic step on the way to its success. In addition to that, communication must be considered as a crucial aspect. Effective communication at all levels is of great importance. For example, collaboration with the students allows to understand the problem more clearly and ensure the roper support. Communication between the co-workers provides the proper atmosphere and friendly relations in a team. Finally, close cooperation with the director ensures higher level of commitment to the organization and better performance of the entire team. Consequently, such issue as team performance deserves particular attention. The example of Austin Hall provides a number of evidences that effective team performance is an important aspect in the project development and functioning.

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