For many students, principles of academic writing remain an unsolved riddle. Even though students get numerous writing assignments from different subjects, they often wonder what a proper essay or a research paper looks like. Concerning a research essay sample, it is also quite similar in structure to other types of academic writing. However, as it can be inferred from its name, it must surely involve research.

The very first thing to do before starting to write is to carefully plan the structure of the future research paper. Many students think that preparing an outline is a worthless and time-consuming process. Nonetheless, it proves to be the contrary: it helps to save time in the very process of writing as you just follow the plan and elaborate on it. Having this plan in mind, you just research the needed information, develop arguments, support them with ample evidence and ensure that the paper is coherent.

If you are not well versed in the research paper topic you were assigned, do some extensive background research: read books and collect some general information that may help you get more aware of the topic. As sources, you may use encyclopedias or handbooks on a certain topic. However, when researching the topic for your paper, it is better to use primary and secondary sources.

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Conducting Interview and Interrogation

Introduction Interviews and interrogations forms the basic sources of information concerning an issue such as a crime, where by the witness or the suspects gives all evidences with regard to what [...]

Evolution of Intermodal Transport in US

Introduction Intermodal transport involves the use of two or more means of transport to move goods and services from place of production to the place of consumption. For example, moving tea [...]

Informed Consent and Human Subject Activity

Introduction When carrying out research especially the one involving human subjects, codes of ethics must be adhered to strictly because without ethical standards and guidelines, obligations and concerns will be raised. [...]

Planning for Negotiations

Negotiation is the act of conversing to reach an agreement. Negotiation is a daily activity and needs relevant and adequate preparation because failing to plan is planning to fail. Preparation and [...]

Preserving Food Resources

Introduction Each country has different strategies to deal with their issues and problems. Acquisition of food and preserving it for future use depends upon policies each country has developed. Food preservation [...]

Principles of Negotiations

In the day to day negotiations, one needs special skills and strategies in order to get the best commodity in the market at the right price. For example, when one [...]

Project Communication

Introduction Project communication refers to as the exchange of information that is project related with other stakeholders in order to make the project successful. Effective means of communication are required in [...]

Role of Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Violence in Child Growth

Introduction This is evaluation of a research about the role of women’s empowerment and domestic violence in child growth and undernutrition in a tribal and rural community in South India (International Centre [...]

The Art of Questioning

The art of questioning is normally employed by police detectives, social workers, and psychologists who tend to ask questions in order to assess the situation at hand and provide a [...]

The Influence of Venus and Mars on Human Beings

Introduction The solar system is composed of the Sun and the planets that move around it. Here is the succession of the planets starting from the closest to the Sun: Mercury, [...]

The Amish Culture

The Amish are members of religious community that fled from the Mennonites. These were a group of Protestants in Europe in 1960’s. People considered the Amish to have successful lifestyles. [...]

Alcoholism: Problem and Solution

Introduction Alcoholism has always been the factor that ruined families, lives, and even generations. According to scientists, the majority of cases are connected with hereditary deviations in genes. About 50% of [...]

Teenage Drinking Alcohol in the US

Negative Influence of Teenage Drinking Alcohol in Health Outcomes Risky Sexual Behavior Underage drinking encourages risky sexual behavior. The youths who drink alcohol are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse. Alcohol [...]


Introduction Coca-Cola is a well-known international brand. With a considerable profit, it has become one of the leading beverage producers worldwide. However, a great scope of the business does not exclude [...]

Advertising Techniques

Introduction Advertising has for many years been considered as a way for companies to communicate with the consumers and influence their purchasing decisions. This basically implies that for a long time, [...]

Muslims and Modern Western World

The events of the past few years connected with the terrorist attacks, wars and development or radicalism and nationalism are in any way related to Islam. The fear of global [...]

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has persisted in the world, and more so in the U.S.A., especially over the past two decades. The application of medical marijuana is [...]

Global Warming and Climate Change

The general purpose of this research paper is to look at the scientific evidence for the global climate changes that have been observed in the 20th century towards the 21st [...]

Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios

My Strategies to Influence Votes Currently, the legislative environment is not completely ready to initiating such changes. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a complex strategy that will demonstrate [...]

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