Violence Against Women and Education

Violence Against Women and Education

Education plays a crucial role in children’s lives in the current world. For children to become well-rounded personalities, they need a good education to develop skills such as critical thinking, social interaction, empathy, and problem-solving. These skills help a person to live a productive life in the society. Educated individuals should be able to solve problems peacefully, without resorting to physical or psychological violence. If schools and families prepare children for social life and provide them with proper education, boys will be less likely to be violent towards women, helping cure a nation where boys grow to be violent due to their male entitlement. Children instructed in matters of violence and aggression are in a better position to recognize violence against women and respond to it appropriately.

Violence can be verbal, sexual, physical, or even mental. Teaching boys from early years how to recognize and react appropriately to violence against women will reduce their tendency to be violent towards women they meet in their lives (WHO). Although it is clear that school plays an important role in inculcating ideas and skills that will reduce violence towards women, the family also plays a big role in the education of children because they develop ideas about life by observing adults. If there is a high rate of violence in a family, educating a child from such a family on the harm of violence will be not effective. Schools and families have to cooperate in order to reduce the rates of violence against women (WHO).

It is necessary to define the term ‘violence’ before starting to use it in schools in an attempt to reduce it to a minimum. The term refers to aggression and abusive acts that result in damage to people, animals, and private property (“Defining Violence Against Women and Girls”).Violent people have a disposition to destruction instead of building or construction. The rate of domestic violence has increased in the recent years. As a result, women endure physical injuries and emotional and psychological suffering. Violence directed at women is primitive, and it is the manifestation of the eternal gender struggle supported by naive belief that men own women like private property. Thus, violence against women is synonymous with any acts of physical abuse and discrimination against women aimed at hurting a woman or a girl. Rape and domestic violence are the most common acts of violence targeting women.

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As they grow up in the family and society, children often try to imitate the behaviors they observe in adults. As a result, they may become violent if their parents experience such a type of behavior. Sometimes, due to violence at home, school education may be the only way to teach children about the harm of violence against women, how to identify acts of violence, and the appropriate response to such acts. The curriculum must be professionally and thoroughly designed, given that schools handle children aged 5-18, the age when children form their character, beliefs, and views of the world. An effectively planned and professionally executed education program can act as a good preconditioning for school-boys not to be perpetrators of violence against women and to be actively involved in stopping violence by taking action instead of being bystanders. Since young men at the age of eighteen often start thinking of marrying, it is important that by this time they have received education on how to control their anger to avoid being violent towards women. To avoid this, schools should treat each child as an individual with different needs. In addition, they should teach children to deal with violence against women depending their background. Children spend a large part of their time at school, making it a good place to motivate and encourage them against being violent towards women.

Education on how to prevent violence aimed at women is quite important in modern society because of the increased exposure of children to various media. Nowadays, children spend much time watching TV, browsing the Internet, and playing computer games. Consequently, children may get new ideas on how to be violent and aggressive in order to get what they want because media often portrays violent behavior. Sometimes children experience violence themselves, through cyberbullying, for example, or learn about it by observing or living in the neighborhoods where people are not able to solve their problems without resorting to violence. As such exposure to violent content increases, children start viewing it as a normal occurrence of life (“Children and Domestic Violence.”). They start practicing it themselves, as children are good at copying what they see others do.

That is why the personality of teachers charged with educating children about violence against women is more important than their knowledge. They should be able to explain the importance of various virtues, such as honesty and politeness, and ensure that children develop adequate behavior. Teachers have to remember that no child is born violent. The child’s mind at birth is “Tabula Rasa”, a clean slate on which parents, society, and school write what the child learns. Thus, any child exposed to violence and aggressiveness is able to learn it and become an abuser (Rivett, Emma, and Gordon). Showing children love and patience in dealing with their mistakes will help them learn that conflicts can be solved without violence. If they know that they can deal with problems by means of love and understanding and that they can voice their grievances without being victimized, they are unlikely to exhibit aggressive behavior against others (Rivett, Emma, and Gordon). The role that women play in this endeavor is also crucial. Many elementary school teachers are female, just like the child’s mother. If these women in a child’s life fail to teach a boy how to resolve conflicts without using violence, he has a high probability of being aggressive in his adult life. Despite tight work schedules, parents should find time to educate their children on the non-aggressive life that is more productive and rewarding to live.

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Violence against women, mostly exercised by men, is a sign of a desire to own and control another human being. It is the basis for believing that women are the weaker gender that men should dominate (Gretohen). Thus, men use violence as a way of proving that they belong to the male gender that expects women to cower under them and never raise their voices against abuse. At the same time, violence may be a tool of a man who was neglected or abused in his childhood. Adults who never got proper attention at the family and school levels and who were abused as children have a tendency to show violent criminal behavior. If a child constantly witnesses his father abusing his mother, he is likely to become an abuser himself. It gets even worse if a boy experiences abuse himself (“Children and Domestic Violence.”). Such children fail to learn empathy for others and cannot feel any mercy for people in pain. They end up treating people just like they were treated in their childhood. Their anger, experience, and memories of how they were abused make them want to hurt others, and women are easy targets for their revenge. The lack of love and direction in their childhood marks their adulthood with violence, and the vicious cycle continues when their sons observe their violent and imitate their fathers. Thus, it is not enough to encourage women to turn abusive men to the police to solve the problem. If a man experienced abuse during his childhood or did not receive proper education, punishment may not change him. The only chance to raise non-violent adults is to educate boys during their childhood. Parents, society, and educational institutions should devote their time to treat young boys with love. Thus, female teachers, as well as male teachers and parents, should shows love to boys, gives them attention, and teaches them that they are loved and deserve love and do not need to dominate women through violence. It is the best way to reduce violence against women by men.

Boys learn to be violent by observing violence and imitating adults in their lives. Reducing violence against women at the family level is the first step to eliminating the vice. Further, school plays a crucial role in filling the gaps left by the lack of proper moral guidance in the family on the evils of violence against women and should promote non-violent approaches to solving conflicts. Mothers and female teachers have an immense opportunity to shape young boys’ views toward women by showing them love, attention, and guidance. If a boy develops a relationship of mutual love with the older women in his life, especially a favorite female teacher, he may change his negative tendencies and treat women as equals. Thus, the problem can be solved by the concerted efforts by all society members.

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