The Story of the Bible

The Story of the Bible

The Bible is the greatest book existing on the earth believed to be written from God’s words and with his inspiration. Its story is divided into two parts – the Old and New Testament. The first book is called Genesis that describes the beginning of the world, and the last book Revelation reveals the future of the humankind and introduces the Apocalypse. The story of development of humanity and presence of God enlightening their path on the earth is filled with numerous storylines and leading protagonists. The Bible is full of miracles and mysteries that God created, and people dedicate years of their life in order to find the answers and hints in it that help them to understand and see the true. While people are sinful and not all of them are able to open their hearts to God, the big picture of the Bible reveals God’s love to people, because it shows the development of humankind through times based on God’s attitude and proves the value and unbreakable power of faith.

The Bible starts with the book of Genesis describing the creation of the world. It took God seven days to create the earth, fill it with nature, water, mountains, and give it the Sun to nurture and warm the planet. After that, God creates the first people Adam and Eve who have to live in Eden and have everything they need. God places the tree of eternal life giving them the choice of living in the Eden or leave. Eve decides not to obey and eats an apple out of the tree. God punishes them and expels them from Eden. They start their life on earth, have children named Cain, Abel, and Seth. The population on earth grows, and God sees that the people are sinful because they lie, betray, and kill the innocent. Cain murders Abel, and God prohibits the death penalty on earth.

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Seeing how the world changed and became dirty with sins, God decides to clean the planet from people. He wants to kill all of them but sees Noah who he believes can change the world and bring good. He decides to speak to Noah and tells him to get all the creatures in pairs and take his family to the ark that he builds. Noah listens to God and tries to influence people but they do not listen to him. When the ark is ready, Noah takes his family and the animals as God told him. Heavy rains start and the huge flood kills the people on the planet.

The new era starts for people, and they also become sinful. People want to see God and decide to build the Babylon Tower but God does not like their intention and makes them all speak different languages so they cannot finish it. More than a thousand years after the Bible introduces Abraham to the reader. He and his family become the leading protagonists of the next part of the story. God promised them land and children who he believed would help him to bring the blessings to humankind. However, the families suffered in the chosen land, could not have children and had to leave their land due to continuous famine. At the end of Genesis, Joseph, the descendant of Abraham, manages to become the second hand for the king but later becomes a slave and later dies (Moody, 2012). God chooses the Jews to represent his will on the earth and promises them their land. Moses helps the Jews to leave Egypt and comes to seek the Promised Land.

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People do not believe in God and he makes them wander in the desert for 40 years until all of them who were older than twenty years at the beginning of their wandering die but Joshua and Caleb, who believed, survived. After that, Moses read the laws and testaments to people asking them not to repeat their mistakes. It was hard for people to believe him. According to Tim LaHaye, he mentions that how could people follow Moses as he even did not know the name of his God, as the latter told him “I am who I am” (LaHaye & Hindson, 2011). People had hard times of opening their minds to God. Moses dies and Joshua heads his tribe and leads them to the Promised Land.

There they start a new life but need the judges. The most famous judge was Samson. The story reveals Samuel who serves as a judge for the Jews after Ruth. People come to him and ask for the king. Samuel asks God about it, and he agrees to give them a king. The kings change from Saul to David and later to Solomon who became famous for his justice and good rule, as he was the wisest of the kings. After his death, the nation divides into Judah and Israel kingdoms. After that, the Bible reveals the sinful life of Israelites, who become nation-centered, forgot their mission and drowned in their sins. Thus, God decides to send the prophets who remind them of God, their mission of serving to him and denounce the coming of Messiah. In this part of the Bible the reader can see the occurrence of new institutions of teaching, administration, priests, and the temple.

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The prophets’ names mentioned in the Bible are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. These Major Prophets write significant volumes of thoughts and ideas that were directed to renew the initial mind of the Israelites. Isaiah reveals the story of Babylon destruction from the different point of view. As Tim LaHaye puts it, Babylon has to become the center of the earth and the place where Apocalypse starts and where the demons find their way out into the earth that is why the city of Babylon was destroyed and never rebuilt (LaHaye & Hindson, 2011). Jeremiah writes the Lamentations, the book in which people come to realization of their untrue life, express their readiness to change and follow God as well as to remember their mission and ask God to take them to their Promised Land. This part of the Bible describes the development of Israelite kingdom and separation of the kingdom of Judah.

Daniel, the last of the Major Prophets, tells the story of his life and his three friends, named Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In fact, the story of the Major Prophets unites the era of Babylonian period in the Bible. In its turn, the Minor Prophets story reveals the period before the Babylonian era. Their names are Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. John Phillips mentions that as prophets were men sent from God to speak his thoughts to people, they told about the first and the second coming of Messiah (2001). The parts written by prophets draw the light to questionable moments during the development of the Old Testament.

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The short stories describe the miracles that God created to show his presence to people in order to open their hearts and strengthen their beliefs. The prophets were sent to earth to get people ready for the coming of Messiah and remember their initial mission on the planet. However, the prophets’ stories showed the darkest side of humankind who forgot the major idea, became sinful and were ready to turn their backs on God (Phillips, 2001). People required proofs of God existence all the time and just a few of them were ready to open their hearts to love God as He loves them. The Old Testament’s major movements include the wandering of the Jews and the division of the kingdoms. The leading personalities include Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, Noah, Moses, David, and Solomon.

The New Testament is the story of Jesus and his deeds on the earth. The Bible tells the story of Maria, Jesus’ mother. She received the holy thought of becoming the mother of the child of God, and that she has to call him Jesus. The news goes through the world and the magicians come to see Jesus and bring him the gifts. Later, God tells Joseph to take Maria and her son and run to Egypt as the King of Bethlehem was going to kill the small Jesus (Moody, 2012). After that, they come back to their city of Nazareth where Jesus grows and becomes stronger. He finds his first pupils and goes around the cities with them. He creates miracles and resurrects the people making the surroundings believe that he is a real son of God. He walks on the water and saves one of his pupils.

Once, he makes water out of the wine and feeds the people with the five loafs of bread and two fish sharing and giving them to his pupils and to people. In time Jesus’ pupils grow in their knowledge and become the apostles. Jesus taught them through parables, short stories and revealed the good and the evil for the surrounding people to make the right choice in their life and follow God’s will (Stott, 2006). Jesus resurrects Lazarus who died, and the authorities of the city Jerusalem decide to kill Jesus to ruin his power over people. When Jesus comes into Jerusalem and people see and greet him with words “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” , T Judah  shows his teacher to his enemies for thirty silver coins (Moody, 2012).

Judah betrays Jesus and makes a secret sign by kissing him to his chick. People catch Jesus, bring him to court, trail him and decide that he has to die. Jesus is put on the cross, and people who believed in him sell all their property as well as the apostles refused to own anything. Then Jesus dies and most of the people lose their faith. Apostles take off Jesus’s body and put it into the cave. Three days after when the women who come to wash the body see that the stone to the cave is taken off, they see the angels who tell them about Jesus’ resurrection.

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The next book of Bible is Revelation or it is also called Apocalypse. It presents the thoughts and ideas that were given to Johan one of the Jesus’ apostles about the future of the planet and humankind. He connects the ideas of his writings with the words of Jesus about uncertainty of time and date but he is sure about the Apocalypse coming to the Earth (Stott, 2006). The book gives the detailed description of the signs of the changes that the world would face before its ruining and the second coming of Jesus on the earth. Johan reveals the forecasts of the coming signs that the people who believe and whose hearts are open should see and understand. The prospective of the writings is heavenly and that is why it is rather difficult to find the connections between the facts described in the book and real life (Bedard, 2013). Some of the predictions have already come true, speaking about the fate of the smaller Asian churches (Bedard, 2013). However, it is still difficult to connect the contemporary phenomenon to the depicted events from the Revelation. The book of Revelation is one of the most difficult parts of the Bible for understanding what provokes a number of varieties of its interpretation.

The Bible reveals the life on earth before the Jesus’ birth, shows the life of Son of God, his death and sacrifice for the humanity, and gives the chance to have a look into the future. People read the Bible during all their lives, as this book gives many ideas for thinking, interpretation, and discussion. Others may search for the answers in this holy book as the events and short live-stories present good life lessons. Moreover, it shows the way to the world of eternal life of God to people and unveils the darkest sides of human souls. The Bible opens the people’s eyes on the ordinary things and helps people understand their mission on Earth and see the future of their deeds.


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