Counseling’s Role in Overcoming Disability

Telling the Story

The usual course of life could change completely under the influence of unforeseen events. The history of Hector is an example of human struggle with inner uncertainty caused by the necessity to accustom to the new position and life. Similarly to numerous people, he suffers from an inferiority complex. That psychological disorder was caused by the physical trauma and requires close cooperation with a psychologist. In identical cases, counseling can assist greatly  in the rehabilitation of а person. Therefore, counseling psychology has a substantial impact on the resumption of human life as it provides moral and psychological support and boosts the self-confidence.

The Story of Hector

Hector is a young man who has lost his ability to work at the peak of his physical and mental capabilities. A car accident forced him to abandon his previous job. The primary issues that Hector should address include employment and ability to support his family. His key problem is an inability to accept his disabilities.

Hector feels powerless and helpless after the accident. Problems with the foot and limited mobility in his right arm and shoulder remind him of life, which it not available to him anymore. The sense of irritation provokes anger and resentment at the circumstances. Additionally, the man feels depressed and drained of energy because of his disability. Such an unpleasant sensation has the devastating effect on a person’s  psyche and may lead to rude behavior (Douglas et al., 2016).

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Hector is suffering from an inner discord generated by the inability to follow stereotypes. As a male, he understands responsibility for the family. However, Hector is unable to fulfill the role of breadwinner. This thought adversely affects his character. Obviously, he denies the problem and does not want to solve it. The man also experiences severe pain in the shoulder, which deprives him of a chance to overcome difficulties. His attempts to isolate himself from the family members and outside world are the result of his defensive reaction. This behavior could become a problem during counseling therapy because it challenges a specialist to find how it is possible to establish contact with the patient.

Hector is a 35-year-old Hispanic male whose cultural heritage plays a significant role in shaping his beliefs. In Latin American society, many families traditionally work physically. The majority of married women do not work because their husbands provide for the families. It complicates counseling as Hector cherishes his native traditions and could refuse to approach the problems from different perspectives.

Hector believes that he should support the family. Thus, this motivation could have a positive influence on his rehabilitation if he comprehends that he can lead a normal life. Obviously, he prefers to make own decisions and believes that men should support the families. It can motivate him to restart the work activity. The family is crucial in Latin American society, and Hector preserves traditional beliefs. His wife, parents and other relatives actively support him. Participation of beloved and friends stimulates a faster process of rehabilitation (Mothers Against Drunk Driving [MADD], 2010). Unfortunately, Hector avoids their concerns and aggressively responds to their assistance. Thus, his story reaches logical conclusion that he needs help and more elaborate plan of recovery.

The Counseling Intervention

The counseling implies psychological assistance, which does not give direct answers to questions, does not insist on following a pre-planned way, and, generally, does not force a client to make contact with a psychologist. On the contrary, it creates a psychologically comfortable environment that generates a desire to share one’s feelings and to find a way out of difficult situations. The victims of accidents, who suffered injuries, experience grief but slowly return to normal life (MADD, 2010).

Counseling Hector involves several tasks. Firstly, it is needed to break the wall of his alienation from the world. A positive environment can help him to escape from the negative aspects of his experience. Secondly, Hector must feel his helpfulness again. To approach this, it is important to tackle the third one ­– the revision of his role in the family and job options.

Counseling consists of several stages. The first level is an introduction. It includes the acquaintance and study of history (Egan, 2009). At this stage, Hector fights his loneliness to be able to share his experiences. A counselor should be attentive and concentrated in order to show that he understands Hector and does not criticize him (Douglas et al., 2016). It is a passive support. The additional questions could clarify the situation. It is necessary to allow Hector to express any emotions freely. It leads to a psychological discharge (MADD, 2010).

The second stage involves in-depth exploration or in-depth analysis of the story . The main cause of Hector’s condition is determined by his lack of confidence in his abilities and opportunities. It leads to aggression, depression, and the collapse of the relationships with relatives. A counselor can explain to him that people cannot predict the future but can enjoy a full life, even with the limited abilities. In other words, a psychologist helps Hector to accept his trauma and learn to live with it, not making it a key theme.

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The third stage is a transition to the active counseling or commitment to actions which encourage a gradual achievement of set goals . At this stage, a counselor could make several steps. He can initiate a conversation with the family to stress their support and readiness to delegate Hector’s responsibilities. He should not be ashamed of the fact that he is not a single earner. Additionally, his experience allows him to work not only as the simple worker but as an adviser as well. It helps to analyze previous experience and to feel useful. A counselor gradually leads to the idea that Hector is needed and loved, regardless of his physical condition. Thus, this assistance allows the man to rethink what is happening and to discover a new place in life.


The essay argues that the physical injury significantly changes human life and breaks the usual order. Sometimes, victims cannot independently return to normal, similarly to Hector. Counseling aims to support all the people in a difficult situation. A counselor focuses on the psychological disclosure of a client, the exploration of his history, and a joint search for a comfortable option for full life.

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