Impact of Psychology in the Workplace

Psychology plays a major role in the work place. It not only helps an observer to analyze the interaction between a person and their work, but it also helps analyze the interaction of various people while they work together. As a result, any keen observer will determine the need and manner of vocational guidance, training, selection and promotion, organizational development, job redesign, equality, among other initiatives (Arnold, Cooper, & Robertson, 2009). For instance, people may not be motivated to do their jobs well mainly because they are not confident about themselves or if they are skeptical of workmates. A training program may therefore be needed in order to change attitudes. Certain groups of people need to be motivated by rewards or punishments to do their jobs. Knowledge in psychology can be helpful to managers and can make them efficient in the daily work. Ordinary workers use basic psychological concepts also. A worker may for instance, establish whether his or her manager trusts him/ her with authority. The management team uses psychology knowledge to sell the image of the company to the workers. They are given the necessary support and motivation. This knowledge can be used to reduce dissatisfaction among workers and therefore reduce the likeliness of strikes, go-slows, lateness and absenteeism. The professionals know which buttons to press and which people to use in order for the organization to run efficiently. For example, a visionary manager recruits a supervisor who will not only be goal-oriented, but also who interacts well with workers.

Psychology helps one know the kind of personality another person is. It helps know how a person’s mind is operating, what motivates them, what their aspirations and fears are. The bits of information that are picked up may not be hard to put together since most people almost behave similarly in same situations. There are, however, cues that most people cannot draw conclusions from because they require more analytical imagination.

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