Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most popular existing personality instruments. Being quite easy to use, reliable and statistically valid, it is highly precise. In 75% of cases, people will get the same results in 3 or 4 dimensions.

As part of the research, I was instructed to take the Myers Briggs personality test, analyze the results and provide my personal opinion about them. The test, which I found online, was free, but very thorough. I can confidently state that the results are based on a serious analysis of my character. The test established me as an extrovert, intuitive, thinker and judger – an ENTJ type, also referred to as “The Commander”.

The ENTJ personality entails extraversion, intuitiveness, thinking and judging. Such a person has strong verbal skills and enjoys spending time with other people. Interaction helps them feel energized and stay active. These people are planners, and their actions should be logically justified as well as everything should be under their control. It is necessary to develop a plan of action for them, and they usually become leaders in their groups. ENTJ type people are great leaders, because they make right decisions and have strong communication abilities. By gaining energy from interaction, these individuals love passionate conversations and lively debates. When they have good ideas, ENTJs share and discuss them with others. Despite flawless verbal skills, ENTJ individuals are not always good at understanding the emotions of others. Additionally, it is sometimes hard for them to express their own emotions, and their passion for debates can make them aggressive and confrontational. The solution for such a problem is to think what other people might be feeling.

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Overall, the test results were really surprising because their accuracy, but, of course, not 100%. The fact that I am an “extrovert” and sustain myself by being active, energetic and communicating with others is not surprising for me as. When I am with my friends, I love to deliberate on something so that we have a lively discussion. Usually, I initiate this kind of conversation, which motivates me to agree with the test results identifying me as a leader.

Actually, the next part was unexpected. The definition of an “intuitive” person states that he/she is creative, focuses on the future and always comes up with new ideas. I used to consider myself to be a logical and realistic person. I tend to focus on what is happening today, because I do not know what might happen tomorrow. In my opinion, I have a hidden potential for creativity and planning, because I have been identified as a leader.

I am definitely a “thinker”, and this definition fits my personality perfectly. I never act based on emotions, as I believe that logic is the only thing that can lead in the right direction or towards the solution to a problem. In most situations, I like to take control and be the main “brain”, helping and leading others.

Lastly, I was identified as a “judger”. When I read a description of this personality type, I was ecstatic. It seemed as if it was written about me. I always stick to the plan. It is easier for me to follow the set objectives in order to achieve a goal. I am extremely ineffective when disorganized. Moreover, I believe in following the rules, because I am very traditional and strict in this matter.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my results, which fit my individuality and help me see myself clearer as well as realize what I like, what helps me every day and what I can achieve. I am going to consider the results of this test seriously and apply them to shaping my identity as “The Commander”.

The Big 5 Test

The Big 5 test is based on the concept that people represent many different personalities, but psychologists claim that five traits manifest most often. Questions are developed in a certain way, which is designed to outline the most distinguishable personality traits in a person.

Now, it is necessary to outline 5 major personality traits used in this test. The first one is extraversion. Extroverts are energetic, they tend to be overly active and have to be always involved in something. Otherwise, they get depressed and physically inefficient. Extraversion implies the need to communicate, as other people are the main resource for extroverts, just like food. The second trait is conscientiousness. It implies that the person is very organized and follows particular rules. Such people always attentive to details and use logic in their thinking. People who possess conscientiousness are hard-working and responsible. The third trait is neuroticism. Neurotic people are easily subjected to negative emotions. They often tend to get irritated and stressed out. People with neuroticism can experience sudden mood swings, which they cannot explain, and so they can be extremely emotional or overly quiet. The fourth trait is agreeableness. Such people are very aware of other people’s feelings and tend to pay a lot of attention to their emotions, which is why they often put the needs of others ahead of their own. Agreeableness indicates empathy and the tendency to see good in others. The last trait is openness. Open people are always looking out for the future. They are constantly searching for new experiences and coming up with innovative ideas. They are very creative and imaginative.

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The results of this test were astonishing to me because of how contradicting they were with each other. The Big 5 test identified that I was an extrovert, just like the Myers Briggs test, obviously. I scored 99 out of 100, so this part was accurate.

The next step was conscientiousness, on which I got the score of 23 out of 100. This means that I am extremely laid-back, I do not have goals or objectives and am likely to get involved in a criminal activity. First of all, the laid back nature completely contradicts my extraversion, but such high scores on both traits have left me confused. Maybe, it means that I am flexible and can act differently depending on the situation, which is not a bad indicator.

After conscientiousness goes neuroticism, on which I scored 98 out of 100. Honestly, this result is accurate. I often experience mood swings, aggression and rage out of the blue. However, the Big 5 test identifies neurotics as shy people, which once again contradicts my extraversion. Apparently, I am a different type of neurotic – an energetic one. This fact troubled me. I realized that I have to do something about it, because, in my opinion, extraversion and neuroticism are not a very good mix and can lead to serious psychological problems.

The fourth factor was agreeableness, and I got 68 out of 100. I can agree with that. I am an empathetic person and I care about the needs of others, but not up to the point of pure altruism. I always find the time and desire to think about myself.

The last trait was openness, on which I scored the lowest point of 9 out of 100. It means that I am not creative, do not tend to seek new experiences, and am not willing to generate new ideas and focus on the present. I can agree with this score, though it seems too be too low, in my opinion.

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To summarize, in my opinion, Myers Briggs personality test is more accurate, at least in my case, than the Big 5. It was constructive and made me feel really good about my personality. The Big 5 test gave me extreme results, which identified me as a developing and laid-back psychopath. I thought that results did not match each other and did not make much sense. In the end, both tests identified me as an emotional extrovert and a logical thinker, who is attentive to other people’s feelings. Everything else did not match at all, especially the parts about creativity. To be honest, I think that personality traits, identified within the concept of these tests are often conditional. People act in the same ways all the time. For example, I cannot be constantly energetic, as sometimes I need to relax and let someone else take the lead. Thus, in my opinion, these tests are relevant and make a good point, but we should not consider them as definite psychological profiles of our personalities.

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