Helping Poor People

Benefits of helping poor people

The life is more meaningful if you live not only for yourself, but help others. Nevertheless, people sometimes forget about others and selfishly pursue only their own interests, while helping poor people is one of the best things everyone can do. Poor people are an integral part of our society and everyone should not turn a blind eye towards them, but think over what they can do in order to help. Thereafter, the objective of this paper is to discuss how people can help poor individuals within society as well as what I personally have done in order to contribute to that.

Unfortunately, there are many poor people within any society, which is why they need much help from those who have a better life. The inequality gap between the rich and poor has been only growing from year to year irrespective of the fact that the governments have been trying to do something in order to improve the situation. Everyone can help people in some way. First, I would like to mention that helping poor people is related to personal sacrifice as an individual might not give all his or her money to the poor person but allocate some part of it. It is about volunteering and the desire to make a change. I would like to mention that helping poor people is not that easy as it might be a heart-breaking experience. Sometimes, a person can decide to donate money and have nothing to do with that due to the feeling of deep distress for those who are not that successful in life.

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Since I was a child, my mother and teachers at school have always tried to encourage me to help poor people by giving them toys and clothes, which I would not use anymore. In addition to that, I was told that it was nice to give poor people food when possible and never ignore them as no one knows what future she or he will have. If not for the good will of some kind individuals, many poor people would not be able to stay alive.

Some individuals think that there is nothing they can do in order to help poor people and that is the job of the government to give them the money ‘gained’ from tax payments. Nevertheless, I can state that everyone can contribute by volunteering and this should not be something that a person should do every day all the year round. It would be very helpful to volunteer to build a shelter for homeless persons or help to provide food for those who make their first baby steps. If everyone tried to do at least one small thing from his or her side in order to help poor people, there would be much less inequality in the world.

I would like to share my personal experience. During the class, I have got a very useful information and skills that I can use further in my life while helping poor people. My instructor has assigned me to work with Mr. Paul. We have been working for 13 hours together on the project related to building a house to poor people. We have been assigned to a very challenging project and had to meet a deadline so that poor people would have a place to stay when cold. My task was to help to renovate the building that was allocated by the government in order to become a home for poor people. I must state that I was very impressed that with the help of volunteers we have managed to accomplish this big task and build a good home for poor people. Once I have started working on that project, I have realized that I felt passionate about that and wanted to help as much as possible by doing the best job ever. I was not working on the project alone but together with my peers and many volunteers who have sacrificed their time and efforts in order to help to build a home for poor people. It required much strength and leadership. I was impressed with Mr. Paul, who have not only taught me the basic things but also was very patient towards me even though I could not do everything perfectly from the first time.

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In conclusion, I would like to mention that building a house for poor people is one of the most fascinating experiences that I have ever had in my life. Moreover, I would state that I would recommend everyone to participate in such a project in his or her life as it is not only about helping others but also about helping oneself to realize that you can be a valuable member of society and bring many good things to the world. Many people think that they can become happy if they earn a lot of money and buy themselves many things, but in fact, I have found happiness while helping poor people. I did not want any payment for that, and I felt that I have accomplished one of the major goals in my life when our team together with Mr. Paul have told that the house was ready to move in. I was happy so see that poor people finally had a nice home to live, and I even almost cried when I saw them dancing from happiness. I believe that helping poor people is one of the best gifts a person can give others.

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