Gay Rights & Same-sex Marriages Today

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages

Love is one of the most amazing feelings. Psychologists and physicians might explain the emotion in the prospect of hormones and chemical reflection of our perception of an individual. However, the dry scientific explanations and formulas are nothing to those who have ever felt love. Despite the beauty of the feeling, love can become one of the most challenging stages in the human life. Music, theatre, and books depict lacking love and absence of a beloved person as the greatest problem for individuals, including non-love-match marriages, deaths of a partner, family disapproval, etc. Living with people whom we do not love becomes the great life challenge that is filled with stress, disappointments, psychological instability, conflicts, and worsening of the health. It might be considered an everyday issue because unrequited love exists. Nevertheless, love match is not the most important factor for gay couples that might be under the pressure of their families, society, and laws. The gay issue has not been solved through decades of fighting for the same-sex couples’ rights. Gay relationships are perceived to be the plague of the modern society that ruins it physically and morally. Community thinks that same-sex couples endanger people to venereal diseases, break the norms of morality with illegible sexual intercourse, and degenerate human beings. However, everybody deserves to be loved, despite their sexual preferences.

Even though there are many negative thoughts around gay marriages, in the most of the countries the situation is acknowledged. In the best cases, the gay marriage issue might be considered an unimportant discrimination of minorities that might be solved gradually. However, gay marriage rights are the existing issue. For the centuries, we were squeezed into the borders of the religious laws, ethics, and morality. The principles are crucial for saving the moral structure of the society. However, they should not contradict with the basic human rights and needs: to be happy, to love, to have families, to be useful for the society.

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The case of my gay friend confirms the need to talk about gay rights. She has lost her will to live because of her parents’ disapproval. My lesbian friend is a regular girl, who faced unusual circumstances. Realizing the importance of her uncommon feelings to the person of the same sex, she shared her experience with her parents. Unfortunately, she has not been supported by her closest people, because her parents condemned her choice and required her to have the drug treatment. Even after completing her drug therapy and being under the home arrests, my friend’s feelings to a girl did not change. The actions of her parents have not made her straight, but they have changed her life.  She keeps pretending and lives stress. She was in the relationship with her girlfriend hiding from her parents. At the same time, her mother and father tried to find and introduce possible boyfriends to their lesbian daughter. If she had been required by her parents to marry the man, she would have married him. The pressure has not passed without any sign on her psychological and physical health. She was abandoned by her girlfriend because of my friend’s moral condition and psychological tiredness. Even though they loved each other, they could not overcome the stress in their relationship from the family and social pressure that she experienced. As the result, my friend was diagnosed with the psychological disorder. Later, she discovered that utilized medical treatment and pressure caused the irreversible changes in her body. She had menstrual cycle dysfunction that caused infertility, bad health condition and obesity. She is physically alive today but her mental condition is bad. She has not had a relationship after splitting up with her previous partner. Moreover, she is not satisfied with her appearance and quality of life. Finally, my friend has to have medical treatment occasionally. At the same time, her relationships with parents are getting worse every time they see each other. Is her ruined life should be a payment for the social comfort of the community? How would her personal life damage the social norms? How her happiness might contradict with and aggravate the other human lives? Hardly her parents are happy today because of seeing their daughter totally destroyed. No battered woman in the nearest neighborhood care about my friend’s lesbianism. Moreover, killing her lesbian nature will not stop others from feeling the same way.

The society was formed with the rules of the Bible that do not meet social needs anymore. However, the Catholic Church of today realizes the existence of gay relationships, but does not allow them to become legal marriages. The Church tries to limit gay relationships and appeal to the governments and societies not to accept same-sex families. At the same time, the Church tries to prevent any hostility in the society and calls to have respect to all humans.

The church authorities underline ”marriage is a faithful, exclusive and lifelong union between one man and one woman, joined as husband and wife in an intimate partnership of life and love…” (American Catholic, 2003). Thus, gay marriages today are supposed to be a condemnation of the society because they do not meet expectations settled by the Biblical norms. Therefore, religion and society perceive marriages to be unions of the people of the different sexes who want to share their obligations and responsibilities for each other. The level of divorces around the world is high, even though divorce is a breaking of the main religious principles. However, a divorce is supposed to be unbiblical action, but the Church does not condemn it. Moreover, divorce ruins nature of the society, creating orphans, single-parent families, poverty, psychological problems, etc.

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The same-sex marriage opposition is formed according to the following principles: it is not marriage and violates the natural law. Moreover, it cannot fit under the family definition, as each child has to have a father and a mother. In the most cases, gay marriages are supposed to be a direct cause for the sterility of the society, as they cannot procreate. Thus, the opposition generally appeals to the Bible and laws of the nature (TFP Student Action, n.d.). In addition to civil amendments, all legislators take into the account social opinion that is formed by the norms of upbringing that include the religious education.

Same-sex marriages are banned in thirteen U.S. states. At the same time, ignoring a minority problem cannot be the part of the democratic world that appeals to the variety of people and their individualities. The laws and regulations consider marriage to be a man and a woman who share their responsibilities. Thus, males are supposed to provide a safe house and provide appropriate life, while females’ obligations are connected to the maintaining of a house and raising children (Legal Information Institute, n.d.). Based on the aforementioned principles, the legislators and society claim that gay marriages should not be legalized. At the same time, the numerous precedents of gay marriages were accepted that proves the society has developed and changed the attitude towards the same-sex relationships. Equality of rights and respect for the feelings and needs of all individuals have caused the development of the social mind and the legislation in the United States.

Gay marriages are legal in 37 states of the USA, and half of them have legalized same-sex relationships within the latest six months. Moreover, the recent statistics state that 61% of American citizens support gay marriages, and only 35% are against. The research proves the point that the modern society is open to the changes required by the developing world. However, the difference in acceptance of gay marriages among states with legalized and non-legalized same-sex marriages is 64% to 54% accordingly. Thus, the opposition is strong appealing to the point that legalization might cause the backlash of the society. However, the point was not proved practically and the strikes did not have the mass nature. Thus, the actual opposition is not sufficient anymore because of the major support of gay marriages. Additionally, social changes are impacted by the legal setting aside from the question with the adoption of new amendments and changes of law (Ball, 2015). At the same time, the problem of an individual’s happiness has its depiction in the modern culture. For example, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appeal to the human need to be happy and the unions of people of the same sex for establishing a family are not bad. Such relationship cannot affect the community negatively, but the social pressure might have  negative influence because of denying personal feelings of gays.

Today, legalization of gay marriages and the human right for happiness depend on the social attitude towards the same-sex relationships. Nevertheless, allowing gays to marry can make the life of minorities easier. However, the behaviors that happen in the particular home and bed appealing to the feelings of the soul are private. Society should not interfere in personal life as long as it does not damage or endanger the lives of others.

At the same time, the society shows the great fear for the unknown issues. It is natural and understandable, but minorities should not be limited in legal and social opportunities because of the social misperception of the situation. Same-sex marriage should be legal as long as they are based on the mutual feelings of partners. Individual choice of relationships should be free. Thus, legalization of gay relationships does not have any negative nature. Legalization might protect and help with socialization of gay people. With the gay marriage legalization people would have more rights and be able to share responsibilities and expenses legally. Moreover, such marriages are potential to bring up new generations with the opened minds and positive attitude the new social norms. Moreover, they would not contradict to the society norms or values and be accepted in their communities.

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