Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder has been occurring due to various events an individual has difficulties to handle. Quite often, a person does not pay attention to the overanxious behavior concerning certain situations or factors. The irritants of anxiety might be of various nature: these are negative news, troubles with the job, speaking in front of public, memories from childhood, especially when they recall the negative experience, as well as simple words of shaming someone or criticizing an individual. One of the most widely spread anxiety cases is related to the current world situations and inter-countries affair: military conflicts and wars cause anxiety disorders of the military men and peoples residing in the territories where the conflicts take place. It is necessary to remember that even a simple argument can cause anxious feelings and disturbance over what is going on regardless the status of an event or its impact on an individual and his or her position concerning the event. The current paper aims to define the individualistic nature of anxieties and their subsequent disorders, development of worries, concerns and phobias, as well as provide an example of a person with anxiety disorder the nature of which dates to early childhood and retrieves the unpleasant memories or events.

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Causes of Anxiety Disorder: Sources, Types and Treatment

For any human being, individualistic approach toward the personality and its emotional state play the pivotal role in the establishment of attitudes concerning oneself as well as the surrounding people. To release oneself from difficult situations or problems occurring on the grounds of anxious feeling, he or she singles out those factors that are considered as causes of such a feeling and attempts to avoid it, in other words, erasing the irritants from one’s daily life (Myers & Dewall, 2015). However, it is has been claimed by many researchers that keeping this kind of emotions inside can be harmful to a person and his or her mental state. Thus, psychologists advise that acknowledgment of the problem and recognition of anxiety trigger are already a halfway to a problem’s curing (Jazaiery, Morrison, Goldin, & Gross., 2015). With regard to this, many people regard discussing the problem and talking to the close people or specialists as an appropriate step on the way to the problem solution. However, the truth is that anxiety can lead to the obsessive-compulsive or posttraumatic disorder as a more serious result of brain damage (Myers & Dewall, 2015).

Daily life might be a trigger to anxiety disorder: misunderstandings with partners or social interaction with the outside world has a strong impact on an individual’s emotional state and consequently behavior of people. Various social events and situations, both positive and negative, affect the perception of the person and attitudes toward them. It can be related to the social status of an individual, the political situation in the area of living, or other general issues. For instance, if an individual faces a certain stressful situation, he or she will most likely have some concerns or worries arising. From this perspective, one should have a strong desire to control oneself to avoid anxious thoughts. However, it is not always possible to be able to control the emotions and worries so easily.

Considered as one of the most widely spread, anxiety disorders impact one out of five people in the US (McLean, Asnaani, Litz, & Hofmann, 2011). However, the studies reveal that women are more sensitive to their occurrence than men: 30.5 % in women and 19.5 % in men (McLean et al., 2011). Taking into account the tendency of women being participants of a greater variety of life events, the statistics is not surprising. Apart from being occupied in the jobs, women also have the responsibility for family support, taking care of children, household, and their partners. Thus, it is not surprising that their rate of anxiety is higher. The studying NCS-R (National Comorbidity Survey Replication) was conducted among average women aged 18+ and residing in the USA, excluding non-English speaking and military workers (McLean et al., 2011). However, some other, like National Study of American Life or National Latino and Asian American Study of Mental Health focused on the course of anxiety appearance, and their consequences if not treated (McLean et al., 2011). The background for the research was obtained from the information received from the surveys participants. It allowed to analyze the differences comprising the causes of disorders occurrence, like age, occupation, family status, place of birth, origin, residential region, etc. (McLean et al., 2011). It has been shown that most frequent outcomes of anxiety disorders were depression, substance abuse, home violence, and other (McLean et al., 2011). Chronic anxiety disorders have been noticed with women combining job and family life, as these require multitasking and concentration on each activity, causing a constant feeling of uncompleted job or responsibilities (McLean et al., 2011). Modern women, despite showing their strength and high ability to perform various actions, remain vulnerable and suffer from such combinations. However, it does not mean one should quit the job and be a mother and wife only. The workload should be temperate, not bothering, creating a feeling of satisfaction, not exhaustion. Partner’s support is of great importance as well: a woman should feel support and care from her man; hence, she will experience less anxiety and more confidence.

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Development of Fears on the Grounds of Anxiety Disorder

Once an individual faces particular problems, difficulties or stressful situation, he or she may develop something beyond anxiety. Even a firm belief that things will not get better can become a serious problem in many cases. In the event of this, fears or phobias may occur, which will, undoubtedly, influence further life views (Coelho & Purkis, 2009). Fears can be the results of a dreadful shock, death of a close person, or strong outer impact coming from other agents. However, the most serious problem is when they become irrational and persistent; this is what the psychologist define as phobia (Myers & Dewall, 2015). Today, starting at the early age, children are afraid of scary characters appearing in the movies, for example. This feeling may turn into sleep disruptions, which, subsequently, grow into fears or phobias. Speaking about the adulthood, childhood fears can find their reflection at this age, as well. Thus, parents should be very attentive and behave in a way a child will observe as an example of appropriate behavior. These patterns will help to shape a good society member with a healthy mentality. Losing the moment may result in the growing concerns, the outcome of which in the future can be difficult to predict.

One more source of anxiety disorder is related to military sphere workers. Those who choose to join the army, especially military actions participants, often return with mental disorders, the so-called posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Myers & Dewall, 2015). It is very peculiar to military men. However, the condition is not restricted to the sphere. It might be difficult to get used to the civil life after spending some time in the so-called hot points, observing men, women, and children being viciously murdered. Even more, if a person experienced any serious trauma or was on the verge of death, the perception of the world will change, if not ruin at all. The PTSD can be observed through sleeping disruptions, sudden shuddering, screams or crying. Another sign of the disorder may be revealed through insomnia, nightmares, sudden awakenings, etc. (Germain, 2013). The most significant point here is to identify the disorder signs and arrange the necessary help and support. That is why timely assistance and support may play a pivotal role in the treatment of the affected individual.

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Anxiety Disorder Regulation on the Grounds of Personal Observations

As it was mentioned above, anxiety disorder often roots from childhood traumas. Hence, further outcome is difficult to predict. The example might be the brother of my friend Jack, a 29-year-old male working for an IT-company. He told about humiliations he experienced in high school from his classmates. He underwent several therapeutic courses with psychologists and considered himself feeling well. It was a timely help, which pushed Jack to reach success and, in a way, show-off in front of his former classmates. Today, he recognizes that meeting them is not that stressful, however, a bit awkward. Moreover, he feels confident when talking to them. He is now a successful specialist and has become a stylish and handsome man.

However, Jack still feels anxious about their attitude towards him, as many of his former mates have already been married twice, divorced and reached practically nothing. Jack’s anxiety is of genetic nature, related to the previous negative experience. It is very important to resist the effect of the past trauma. Being in his adulthood, Jack comprehends that all those events were simply teenage troubles, but the feelings never leave him until the things or people related to them are still present in his life. These recollections, according to Jack, make him strong and more persistent in achieving his goals. Moreover, they added strength and belief in himself.


To sum it up, anxiety is a part of human lives. However, while some people can tackle this issue, it can also lead to more serious problems than just shyness. Anxiety disorders are the serious brain dysfunctions that can reflect in weird behavior or misperceptions of different things that happen around. With a number of different levels, it can lead to more or less serious life problems. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that any anxiety is abnormal functioning of brains that often requires peculiar treatment and understanding the origin of the exaggeration. Primarily, the realization of the underlying reasons of the brain dysfunction can become the primary step on the way to the disorder’s effective treatment.

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