The process of writing a psychology essay can surely be defined as one of the most enjoyable experiences for many college and university students. The field of psychology entails a wide variety of interesting topics that could fulfill the preferences of virtually any student. Regarding the structure of the paper and the writing steps, they are actually the same as in other types of essays. The process of writing involves thorough research, careful planning, analysis of the collected data, and draft planning. Once you have thoroughly researched the topic and gathered all the necessary information, you can proceed with planning and writing the paper.

Samples of psychology essays found on the web have helped us develop tips for properly planning and organizing psychology essays:

  1. Carefully draft the first paragraph, as it should contain an attention-grabber for the reader and introduce the psychology essay topics you are writing about. Try to provide some interesting or shocking data (or estimates) in the introduction as well. It will definitely impress your reader and make him/ her read the paper till the end.
  2. When developing body paragraphs, make sure you inform your readers on more precise aspects or peculiarities of the chosen issue or problem.
  3. Ensure that you do not just provide raw facts but also introduce your interpretation or vision of the problem.
  4. When using external sources to support your argument, remember to cite them and include them in the reference list.

As you can see, the structure does not differ much from a regular paper. To succeed in writing psychological papers, all you need to do is choose an interesting topic and know it inside out.

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

Introduction Borderline personality disorder is a type of disorder characterized by unusual variability of moods and also depth of moods. In general, it is the disturbance of self identity, image behavior [...]

Effective Interrogation Techniques

Effective interrogation techniques that elicit useful information are those that start with the creation of rapport between the suspect and the interrogator. This process involves establishment of authority. The interrogator [...]

Family Dynamics: Insights from Jane and Jerry

Introduction Communication is essential in any relationship because it bridges the gap between individuals who co-exist within an organization. In a family relationship, all forms of communication are encouraged so as [...]

Object Relations Theory

The object relations theory refers to a situation where one develops a psyche as he or she grows up. One’s relationship with others is shaped by childhood or early adulthood [...]

Impact of Psychology in the Workplace

Psychology plays a major role in the work place. It not only helps an observer to analyze the interaction between a person and their work, but it also helps analyze [...]

Schooling and Moral Development

Introduction Schooling is very important to every human being because it does not only mean academic development but also stimulate students to develop personally, socially, emotionally and morally.. This statement has [...]

Psychological Disorder

Psychological disorder is a behavioral or mental pattern or abnormality that results to suffering or an impaired ability to function in normal life. The disorder is not developmentally or socially [...]

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is getting more and more attention worldwide day by day. According to the World Health Organization, nearly one million people die from suicide every year, or a person dies [...]

Media Influence on Youth Behavior

Introduction Media plays a major role in the shaping of behavior. Owing to the fact that there are a lot of information and interesting aspects of various types of the media, [...]

Helping Poor People

Life is more meaningful if you live not only for yourself but also help others. Nevertheless, people sometimes forget about others and selfishly pursue only their interests. Helping poor people [...]

Violence Against Women and Education

Education plays a crucial role in children's lives in the current world. For children to become well-rounded personalities, they need a good education to develop skills such as critical thinking, [...]

Mental Health, Depression and Suicide

Introduction Depression is a state of mind that can affect an individual’s thoughts, personal life, and behavior. Medical scientists and psychologists consider it as a mental health problem (Illiades & Marcellin, [...]

Public Response to Police Misconduct

Police as a law enforcement body has the same important mission in any state, i.e. to provide for security of population and fight various crimes. However, personal subjective and objective [...]

Psychology Paper

Introduction I got a chance to interview John Smith, a manufacturing engineer in X Limited, which is a fast-growing consumer goods manufacturer located in the town’s industrial area. The company also [...]

Recruiting Practices of Terrorist Organizations

The literature related to the international terrorism indicates that active members of these groups joined of their own volition. However, terrorist groups are highly secretive organizations. If a person is [...]

Overcoming Human Sense & Abilities

Abstract Human sense and abilities are two distinct characteristics of human beings.  The nature of human senses and skills has far-reaching implications in terms of human existence. It means that human [...]

Gay Rights & Same-sex Marriages Today

Love is one of the most amazing feelings. Psychologists and physicians might explain the emotion in the prospect of hormones and chemical reflection of our perception of an individual. However, [...]

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most popular existing personality instruments. Being quite easy to use, reliable and statistically valid, it is highly precise. In 75% of cases, [...]

Meaning of Truth and the Effects of Applying to Catholic Social Teachings

Catholic social teaching is a doctrine body that was developed by the church for social justice matters. The social teachings of the Catholic Church contain a rich wisdom treasure for [...]

The Power of Music Therapy

Music therapy is the most ancient and natural form of fixing emotional states, which many people use either consciously or not in order to remove the accumulated mental stress, calm [...]

Memory Paper: Distributed vs. Massed Practice

As a fundamental aspect of psychology, memory is the basis for practically all cognitive functions of the human brain. Therefore, the studies of the functional memory systems are closely interconnected [...]

Multicultural Psychology

The Usage of Two Different Approaches in Psychological Research I believe that the best way to study any case is to analyze it with the help of different approaches, references, and [...]

The Phenomenon of False Memories in Memento by Christopher Nolan

Memory is the main guarantee of an individual’s social and personal behavioral integrity because it preserves all the previous actions of a person and, in this way, serves as the [...]

Counseling’s Role in Overcoming Disability

The usual course of life could change completely under the influence of unforeseen events. The history of Hector is an example of human struggle with inner uncertainty caused by the [...]

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder has been occurring due to various events an individual has difficulties to handle. Quite often, a person does not pay attention to the overanxious behavior concerning certain situations [...]

Cross-Gender Friendship

Introduction The development of any generation depends on the relationships between women and men who decide to interact in order to create a family. In fact, the romantic relation is a [...]

The Comparison of Jack and Tyler from Fight Club

Men often use some specific ways in order to state and prove their masculinity. Without doubt, they need other men’s participation for this purpose. In such way, the proving of [...]

The Ideas of Humanism

The ideas of humanism were presented in ancient Greece and Rome, and thanks to the humanistic ideas and beliefs of these two civilizations, now we have such a concept as [...]

Bornstein and Validity

Any psychological research, irrespective of its particular subfield and goal, requires assessment in order to prove that it is valid and that its findings are reliable, which is why the [...]

Childhood Development Stages

Childhood development refers to various changes in growth that occur in children, starting from infancy and running all through to adulthood. Childhood development occurs in stages, and involves emotional and [...]

The Story of the Bible

The Bible is the greatest book existing on the earth believed to be written from God’s words and with his inspiration. Its story is divided into two parts - the [...]

Psychology: Case Study Analysis

Upbringing and the idea of physical punishment are currently the major topics of numerous research studies. On the one hand, physical punishment is the quickest tool used by parents to [...]

Moral Reasoning According to Aquinas, Kant and Hume

Introduction The hypothetical question set before us raises the issues touching on various ethical and moral philosophies of different scholars. In particular, the question invokes the mind of a person to [...]

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