Three Keys to Success

The Intro Seminar allowed me to improve my management skills and redefine some of my cooperative strategies. I found out how to succeed in my professional and personal life. I could specify three key leanings from the Seminar. I learned how to manage myself and others, become a most successful leader, and gain more effective leadership in private, public, and non-profit organizations. I also learned more about the master of management program and how to reach my goal. We will consider these leanings in detail.

It is very useful to know how to manage oneself and others. It helps not only in professional but also in personal interrelations. Rules of polite conversation and different ways of conflict avoiding make it much easier and more pleasant to talk to others and reach agreements both at home and work. The importance of this leaning is out of any question also because it helps me in knowing myself. I both understood what really motivates me and found out my strong and weak points and ways to improve myself as a leader. It is necessary not only to know rules of self-management, but also to implement these rules in practice. What may seem simple from the first sight usually turns to be deceptively complicated. Managing oneself and others is a constantly shifting process where a current situation concerning people who should be managed and means by which it should be done is always changing. At the same time, this leaning may be approached strategically. The Intro Seminar gave me possibility not only to understand the principles of the successful self-management but also to implement them as a strategy.

Becoming a more successful leader would be my next positive achievement. It means strengthening of my professional positions, and thus making a successful carrier. More effective leadership in the organizations of different kinds would bring acknowledgement among workers and make my authority significant for them. When workers perceive their chief seriously, they try to show responsible attitude to work, regularly improve personal results, and never let him/her down. This leaning also helps me in the improvement of my personal and professional qualities. I learned how to become more self-confident, understood main qualities I should have as a leader, and improved my business-like speech. This is obviously noticeable contribution to my image as an organizational leader.

Master of management program would further my professional success. The structure of this issue varies between different strategies. The main task is to choose the necessary one in accordance with a current goal and follow it. Besides that, I learned how to achieve my goal. First of all, it is necessary not to give up too early. Success is likely to be achieved after working on one’s goal systematically that usually takes some time. The right way to do it is to develop some strategy or habit to reach the goal. Than it is necessary to make a lot of efforts during a relatively short period of time from the moment one starts achieving a goal. After some time taking efforts becomes a mechanical process which is less complicated.

As can be seen, the secret of success in professional and academic activity as well as in personal life lies in productive communication with others and in proper organization of professional interrelationships. In case one makes other people conductive to him/her, it becomes convenient to organize and manage work. It is vitally important for an organizational leader to create a proper image, improve leadership qualities, and choose appropriate strategies of self-management and goal achievement. The abovementioned leanings gained from the Intro Seminar will further my personal success and may be used either in academic, professional or personal life. The most significant conclusion taken from the Intro Seminar is that active personal improvement is the key to professional success.

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