Benefits of Performance Management in UAE

Benefits of Performance Management

Performance management can be described as a sequence of several organizational processes along with applications that are designed in order to optimize execution of organizational strategies. Performance management is more than the end of a single period appraisal since it entails translation of organizational goals into results. It focuses on individual employees, teams, processes as well as programs and the entire organization (Frangopol, 2011). Effective performance management has been defined to address personal factors along with organizational productivity factors that are needed in order to develop and sustain healthy and efficient results-oriented environment or culture. Public agencies in UAE have higher challenge in their attempts to describe and determine results than the UAE’s private sector organizations. The private organizations in UAE have their results exclusively linked to their financial goals. In other words, public agencies in UAE need to comply with the complicated rules governing their performance management processes. Effective performance management in UAE’s organizations will help to develop individual performance, encourage employee as well as supervisor development, and raise the overall effectiveness of those organizations.

An effective performance management procedure assists managers in organizations to enable them to evaluate as well as determine individual performance while at the same time optimizing their productivity. This happens through aligning individual actions in daily practices with the strategic business objectives in UAE. Managers operating across UAE are also able to provide visibility altogether with offering clarification for the accountability associated with performance expectations. Moreover, managers can document personal performances in order to provide data for compensation and decisions for career planning (Van Dooren, Bouckaert & Halligan, 2010). Moreover, there is an easy establishment of determination towards skill development through learning and activity choices by the managers. Managers across the UAE will benefit from performance management since they will be able to document details for legal purposes in order to support decisions that help to reduce disputes in organizations (Frangopol, 2011). It is vital to note that mangers are usually inundated with large volumes of information, and they are required to make many decisions. Therefore, it is difficult for the manager to be fair and consistent in the decisions he makes since he may operate in a reactive instead of a proactive manner.

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Performance management will provide them with specific defined parameters in order to make decisions and operate in an active rather than a proactive way. It allows managers across the UAE to undertake initiatives through making fast and effective decisions, which can save time for other organizational practices. The effective decisions made by performance management help in improvement of unit’s efficiency, profitability as well as the overall performance (Moynihan & Pandey, 2010). They are able to align goals and objectives since the general aim of performance management is to be able to align department goals along with activities with the general goals and aims of a company. They are also able to focus on the entire target market. Application of performance management practices provides a way for managers to redefine target markets in order to align them with the goals that have been established by the management. Furthermore, performance management will provide a benchmark for performance in UAE. This supplies the managers with the necessary tools for monitoring and evaluating performance, and the basis of decisions and practices that should be made. In other words, managers benefit greatly from performance management across the UAE.

Most importantly, employees across the UAE have many benefits eluding from application of performance management in their workplaces. Employees following an effective performance management process will accrue advantages for themselves since they will have increased knowledge and team productivity. There will also be the prevention of huge issues in the organization through the on-going dialogues across the performance of employees. Owing to this system, employees across the UAE are able to understand clearly all that is required of them within the organization. Job satisfaction and employer loyalty are other benefits of performance management that will be passed to employees. This is likely to increase their positive feeling towards their work since they will be recognized and valued. What is interesting is that those who have difficulties in performing will be granted with a precious opportunity to improve their performance through performance management (Gruman & Saks, 2011). Employees will be able to benefit from the fact that situations considered to result from underperformance will be handled at the earliest stages and unfair dismissal situations and claims will be reduced.

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An effective performance management process will provide clear expectations as well as goals in order to define requirements towards success of employees in the UAE. Meticulous plans have been developed supporting and enabling the same successful performance and growth in the future. Moreover, effective performance management offers ongoing feedback incorporated with coaching in order to leverage the strengths and determine any obstacles and chances of improvement. Employees are able to improve their self-assessment processes, determine their career paths and acquire job satisfaction in organizations across the UAE. It is crucial to note that communicating realistic although challenging expectations in organizations as well as making employees be accountable for their decisions lead to noticeable improvements to their organizational commitment, which helps to avoid tardiness and absences. Employees across the UAE are at a point to experience proper job satisfaction since they end up as successful individuals and their conflicts are kept at their lowest levels (Van Dooren, Bouckaert & Halligan, 2010). They are treated fairly through implementation of standardized processes that are able to promote consistency across the organizations.

Benefits accrue to the entire organization out of effective performance management. The organizations across the UAE are able to communicate the main goals and strategies and align these aims with ways to achieve them. The content of performance appraisals will assist in improving manpower planning as well as in adapting to the training plans. It will express needs that help to all workers perform in the company. Performance management is to the benefit of organizations in that it ensures focus on goals and objectives along with priorities of units and departments of these companies (Gruman & Saks, 2011). Performance management supports proactive employees’ development and procedures for developing organizational capacity. Most importantly, organizations make a good thing of open climate and rigid discussions among employees, managers and supervisors. Such conferences provide procedures for effective performance assessments and alignments of rewards. The bases of organizations improve notably due to the increased employee performance. Performance management is essential to organizations across the UAE since it acts as a vital tool in today’s businesses. Management practices of such kinds make it easy for organizations to evaluate productivity of employees and their departments across the UAE. The result is that companies tend to function effectively and efficiently with decreased errors. They are also able to keep overhead low and have improved chances to remain prosperous.

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Since performance management is able to focus on procedures being accomplished instead of the behaviors and apparent practices being generated by employees, the proneness of personalities affecting productivity tend to be decreased. In this case, assessment of the ratings of employee performance ends up as much activity determines the progress of employees’ functions in the scope of their responsibilities as stipulated in the established procedures. Such results produce the level of expected work within a given period (Moynihan & Pandey, 2010). An employee becomes less likely to have the feeling of being singled out since he or she becomes less social or has physical features that can direct to strong criticism in several other settings whereby benefits of the process of performance management cannot be understood. The same aspects provided by performance management can be applicable in tools that deal with difficulties within organizational activities. Instead of focusing on behaviors that characterize an irate employee, performance management tends to concentrate on the issues brought in and causes employees to be annoyed. Another advantage of performance management to the organizations across the UAE is that it leads to the establishment of realistic expectations understood by both employers and employees. The advantages have to incorporate development of responsible ways of measuring organizational productivity and comparing them to the predetermined goals of the organizations (Frangopol, 2011). The benefits of processes of performance management seem to be above the assessment of skills and compliance of workers in organizations. Performance management assists in ensuring freedom of employees and independence from their managers. It should be a continuous process and managers should make sure that it is an essential tool in all organizations across the UAE.

In conclusion, performance management is a crucial tool in modern businesses. It has been applied by most organizations across the UAE and is proved beneficial to employees, managers, and the whole organization. In order to ensure its effectiveness, performance management should turn into a continuous process across all organizations in UAE. Employees will always note effectiveness of performance management processes since they feel motivated and recognized in their organizations. Organizations will continue to benefit from increased employee-manager relationships that obviously lead to better productivity. Managers have an opportunity to save time and resources within their units and departments and during diverse operations through effective performance management. Therefore, performance management is not only a process of productiveness appraisal but it goes beyond that.

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