In the course of Management & Business Administration, management essay writing is one of the most popular assignments given by professors to monitor how students make progress in the subject. Nonetheless, unlike regular tests and assignments, writing tasks are meant to evaluate students’ knowledge and practical abilities in solving some problems within the management course. Apart from testing students’ theoretical knowledge, essay writing on management topics helps to improve students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. The main aim of management essays is to test how students can apply the gained knowledge in practice when coping with some management issues. When looking at a sample management essay, it is clear that this piece of writing tests students’ abilities to deal with different practical management aspects that the instructors are assigning. Apart from that, an essay on management also goes further than that and makes students realize their application skills and capability to test some of the gained knowledge in practice.

It can be difficult for a student to succeed in this type of essay writing if he she is used to relying basically on theoretical knowledge. For example, when a student is given an assignment to provide answers to a list of questions, it is easier for him/ her to fulfill this task rather than provide answers to some practical problems that require using of critical thinking. Having great abilities of memorization is merely helpful when a student is expected to provide book-like answers without appealing to some analytical skills. However, management essays are different, as it is vital to have in-depth comprehension of the main notions and ideas.

One of the most popular essay topics are those related to the sphere of stress management. When providing this kind of paper, it is crucial to refer to some examples from personal experience and clearly state how you managed to overcome stress under certain circumstances or conditions.

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