In the course of Management & Business Administration, management essay writing is one of the most popular assignments given by professors to monitor how students make progress in the subject. Nonetheless, unlike regular tests and assignments, writing tasks are meant to evaluate students’ knowledge and practical abilities in solving some problems within the management course. Apart from testing students’ theoretical knowledge, essay writing on management topics helps to improve students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. The main aim of management essays is to test how students can apply the gained knowledge in practice when coping with some management issues. When looking at a sample management essay, it is clear that this piece of writing tests students’ abilities to deal with different practical management aspects that the instructors are assigning. Apart from that, an essay on management also goes further than that and makes students realize their application skills and capability to test some of the gained knowledge in practice.

It can be difficult for a student to succeed in this type of essay writing if he she is used to relying basically on theoretical knowledge. For example, when a student is given an assignment to provide answers to a list of questions, it is easier for him/ her to fulfill this task rather than provide answers to some practical problems that require using of critical thinking. Having great abilities of memorization is merely helpful when a student is expected to provide book-like answers without appealing to some analytical skills. However, management essays are different, as it is vital to have in-depth comprehension of the main notions and ideas.

One of the most popular essay topics are those related to the sphere of stress management. When providing this kind of paper, it is crucial to refer to some examples from personal experience and clearly state how you managed to overcome stress under certain circumstances or conditions.

IPhone as the Social Status Marker

The development of new technologies progresses at a considerable speed. Every six months, the issued devices become outdated, giving way to new models and developments. As the modern society evolves [...]

Management Essay

American department store chains have an interesting tradition of being or at least beginning as family businesses. This belief is supported by an example of Kohl’s which is now a [...]

Marketing Mix: Coors Brewing Company

Background The Coors Brewing Company focuses on beer production and has adopted a globalization strategy by developing preferred tastes in its designated markets worldwide. The company’s brands include Miller Life, [...]

Operation Management Decisions

Effective decisions in ten areas of OM are necessary for achieving differentiation from other competitors, reducing cost and positive responses from consumers. There are such areas as a design of [...]

Becoming an Effective 21st Century Manager

Introduction My personal goal is to become a great manager of the 21st century. I understand that such a position carries significant management responsibility and personality characteristics that must synthesize the [...]

Coca-Cola Is the World’s Best Rated and Most Popular Soft Drink

Since the invention of the Coca-Cola drink by John Pemberton in the mid-1880s, studies on the broad market that soft drink providers serve indicate that there is an increase in [...]

Case Study

Introduction Teamwork is a critical factor for the organization success. Developing a strong team is essential for an enterprise wishing to make significant strides in the business world. Collaboration creates a [...]

Performance Management

Introduction With the current dynamic economic world, organizations have adopted strategic management systems to stay competitive. One of such systems is performance management, which ensures the organization’s goals are achieved. Organizations [...]

The Roles Of Emergency Management

Introduction Emergency situations are unforeseen occurrences of circumstances that necessitate immediate counter actions in order to ensure that normalcy is attained. In most cases, emergency situations are a result from disasters. [...]

Public Organizations

Town governments represent the delivery point for most governmental services and stand for the administration level most accessible and common for the citizens. Resident states use home rule to regulate [...]


Historically, leadership has played a significant role in organisations. Leadership is viewed as a process that involves influence as a party leads followers towards the accomplishment of predetermined objectives. Given [...]

Management Essay

Introduction With a thought to expand the sunglasses production business in another country, this paper endeavors to present a portion of the key points and challenges to be considered while growing [...]

Human Resource Management

Introduction Many companies are progressively identifying the increased costs that come with high levels of employees not reporting for work. The employers are frequently doubtful about the extraordinary situations and the [...]

Effective Leadership

The position of a president in a global company requires the candidate to be a highly skilled leader. His skills, experience, and personality traits play a leading role in the [...]

British Airways

British Airways is one of the leading airlines around the globe in terms of operations because it boasts of an extensive root network running internationally. Accordingly, the 2009-2011 global financial [...]

Benefits of Performance Management in UAE

Performance management can be described as a sequence of several organizational processes along with applications that are designed in order to optimize execution of organizational strategies. Performance management is more [...]

Principles of Management

Business activities involve entrepreneurial work that is concerned with the economy. People working in this industry have one indisputable feature, which is always associated with enthusiasm, the desire to learn [...]

Cola Wars

Coke and Pepsi have had their war for a long time with the dispute heating up in 1975 when the Pepsi Company introduced the Pepsi Challenge with a revelation that [...]

Changing Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble Company is a global leader in fast moving consumer goods such as cleaning agents and personal care products. Its co-founders William Procter and James Gamble started the [...]

Modern Trends In Advertising

The modern trends in the advertising industry become indissolubly related to the changing environment, the emergence of new challenges and developments in the socio-economic life of the society. Among the [...]

A Contingency Theory of Leadership

Contingency theory is aimed at emphasizing the interconnection between decision-making, the situation, and existing circumstances under which this decision is made. Such characteristic features as environment, goals for performing, and [...]

Starbucks Analysis

Executive Overview Starbucks is an American coffeehouse chain that specializes in the sale of coffee. Starbucks and all its stores belong to Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks is the most successful and largest [...]


Working from home, also known as telecommuting, is a flexible work arrangement whereby an employee, contractor and even a consultant can work distantly from their places of work. In most [...]

Group Leadership: Concepts, Techniques, and Counseling

Group leadership is a process of providing a focus and direction to a particular organization or a social group with the aim of achieving a goal (Rice, 2013). To better [...]

Travel-Time Impacts in Transportation

Despite the fact that time is not a material asset, it is easy to measure its financial value with the help of appropriately set categories and criteria for the estimation [...]

The Supply Chain Management and Strategies in Coca-Cola

Introduction The Coca-Cola Company is a globally recognized  market leader in the soft drink industry. The brand name and the company’s logo are familiar to most people.  The company has operations [...]

Building Shared Services at RR Communications

Summary Ross Roman, the founder of the company RR, made Vince an irresistible offer to transform IT to enable the company to introduce new products faster. The company’s products had decreased [...]

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