The Significance of Emotional Expression in Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Emotion is composed in everyday speech, involving conscious experiences that are characterized by high levels of pleasure as well as deep mental activities. Emotion is always connected with different moods, personality traits, temperament, and disposition. Cognitive theories suggest that cognition is an important aspect of emotion. According to the book Looking Out Looking In, emotional experiences are conveyed through various behaviors, which when combined make up emotional expressions (Adler & Proctor II, 2015). Strong emotions are accompanied by physical reactions. Emotional expressions are verbal and nonverbal ways of communication showing how people are feeling. These expressions occur when a person’s body experiences reactions to various moments of communication, which results in behaviors and facial expressions such as crying, smiling, and laughing. This paper explains the importance of emotional expression, changes people go through during emotional expression, and also how the emotional expression can be channeled.

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Changes People Go Through During Emotional Expression

According to the book Looking Out Looking In, strong emotional expressions are often associated with healthy physical changes, including a rise in blood pressure and an increased heart rate of the person expressing the feelings. Non-verbally, the body may also experience some signs during the expression, including fidgeting, blushing, and sweating (Adler & Proctor II, 2015). This assertion means that when a person is expressing their emotions during a conversation, the body reacts to emotions and automatically produces effects that can be seen in the people involved. It becomes hard for the body to remain calm when filled with emotions.

The book Everyday Negotiation: Navigating the Hidden Agendas in Bargaining states that emotional expression gives the body a strong signal of how the mind is internalizing the discussion during communication, giving people a certain perspective of communication (Kolb & Williams, 2003). This statement shows that emotional expressions during communication cause the body to adjust to the discussion happening at a particular time. The body reacts to the debate and provides the involved person with the perspective of communication, which enables them to react appropriately. When managed well, the expressions can turn negotiation that was frustrating into a pleasant, productive, and enjoyable discussion, since the right attitude and perspective towards the discussion are developed (Kolb & Williams, 2003).

All individuals have a basic control of their emotional expressions. However, they need to have conscious awareness of the emotional and affective state to enable them to express their emotions. The study shows that normal human beings across all races experience related changes in voice, faces, and the whole body in general through emotional expression (Solomon & Theiss, 2013). This indicates that all emotions experienced by people must be represented by actual body changes and are similar in all human beings regardless of their background. Romantic feelings are the only emotions that can differ in expressions, as they depend on the cultural and social factors.

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The Importance of Emotional Expression

The book Looking Out Looking In explains that emotional expression is important, as it helps people identify and share multiple feelings and also accept the responsibility of their feelings (Adle r & Proctor II, 2015). The statement means that while expressing their emotions, people can know the kind of feelings that they have and at the same time it enables them to share with other people, including feelings of love and affection. Also, when people express their emotions, they can choose the right words and communication channels to use. It is evident that through the identification and recognizing of their feelings, people will be able to know when to express them, which prevents them from bad timing resulting in negativities.

As the book Everyday Negotiation: Navigating the Hidden Agendas in Bargaining  states, the more one understands how people behave based on their emotions, the more appropriate and easy it can be to know how to handle and respond to them (Kolb & Williams, 2003). This statement gives a direct response to the importance of emotional expressions among people. It is through emotional expressions that people can be understood and know how to handle certain issues and concerns with other people (Kolb & Williams, 2003).

The head and the heart are supposed to work together to enable people to make the best decisions in their lives. The heart is the main emotional thinker while the head is the logical thinker (Solomon & Theiss, 2013). When a person can express their emotions, it becomes easy to make the decisions. This is because the heart accepts and loves everything, including negative emotions; therefore, logical thinking is responsible for helping emotional thinking while making a decision. Such control can only be achieved if emotions are fully expressed.

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How Emotional Expressions Can Be Channeled

The book Looking Out Looking In suggests that one should be careful in choosing the channels of communicating our emotions, either face-face or through the Internet (Adler & Proctor II, 2015). The suggestion means that emotions can be channeled either through telephoning or messaging from one person to another or through a face-to-face approach. They can also be channeled through the Internet, specifically with the help of social media, without any direct relation to the communication with people. Therefore, people should be careful while expressing emotions through various channels, since information is irreversible once they let it out to others.

According to the book Everyday Negotiation: Navigating the Hidden Agendas in Bargaining, the trick is directing an emotion such as anger to the problem or the issue at hand and not the person on the other side of the table (Kolb & Williams, 2003). This statement indicates that when channeling emotional expressions, people should direct the emotion to the situation at hand rather than the person or the party on the other side.  For instance, a party puts an offer on the table, and the offer is not suitable for a person. In such a case, instead of revealing negative emotions to the opposing party, it is useful for that person to direct anger to the discussed issue and suggest possible solutions (Kolb & Williams, 2003). This technique is always important in negotiations, as it helps people make deals with satisfaction of all involved parties.

Studies show that there are various benefits opened to people who are able to express their emotions and channel them successfully. Emotions can be interpreted in positive terms as a way of channeling them through communication (Solomon & Theiss, 2013). Since emotions are always evident through body and facial expressions, individuals can always quickly understand their positive emotions and emotions of other people in comparison with the negative ones.

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Emotions are always involved in the day-to-day communication between individuals, especially in various discussions. Through emotional expressions, people can recognize and share their feelings with other people. The paper has also established that people undergo various changes when expressing their emotions. Most of these changes are related to the face and entire body and are brought about by different reactions from the involved consciousness. Regarding interpersonal communication, emotional expression enables people to successfully communicate with other people as well as understand each other.  The way the whole body reacts when one has certain feelings reveals much information to other people; therefore, emotional expressions are essential for interpersonal communication.

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