Athena vs Obama Analysis

Greek Goddess Athena and Barrack Obama

The ancient world intrigues with its wonders and deeds. The ancient Greeks believed that its origin related to the adventures of gods and heroes. The major deities belonged to the Twelve Olympians in which Athena was one of the bravest. According to Greek mythology, Athena was born from the forehead of Zeus already matured and fully armed. She is usually depicted with a spear and a shield for personal defense wearing a traditional long dress of that time (Deacy 7). They became her famous regalia and recognition apparel. Her distinctive symbols are the olive tree and a sacred owl that is believed to be her all-time company. This goddess had striking characteristics and took decisive actions comparable to certain renowned world leaders of the past and present. In fact, one of the most prominent presidents of the United States Barack Obama might also share the characteristics and actions of Athena.

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In many instances, Athena is the goddess to settle disputes between other gods and mortals. This skill is attributed to her logic and intellect that enable her to make ethical decisions devoid of self-interest motives or favoritism. Comparing Athena to Obama, it is clear that the president does not tend to make unwise decisions as well. For instance, Obama’s refusal to approve the bill passed by both houses on the terrorism case showed political wisdom (Nguyen n.p). In many occasions, the president managed to remain patient and tolerant, especially when he had to cooperate with the journalists. For example, when he was giving a speech on the death of Trayvon Martin, he addressed the whites trying to describe them how it felt to live in the country where one was treated suspiciously because of the skin color. However, he also avoided making the murder racially motivated (Rothschild n.p). He even mentioned the “stand your ground” law which could vindicate him from the accusation that he was taking sides. Thus, the president was reasonable when handling the matters that could potentially cause division.


Once, Tiresias meets Athena while she is bathing naked. According to the rules, he should have been punished by death. However, sympathizes with him and decides to save him from any ruthless application of the law. Having chosen to resolve the problem peacefully, Athena shows compassion for Tiresias. Besides, when President Obama was giving the speech about gun control, he became too emotional. Moreover, he had to pause for some seconds. He said that it irritated his intensely when he was thinking about the shooting on the streets of Chicago. Furthermore, when he mentioned the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School where the victims were mostly children, the president started crying (Robbins n.p). Indeed, such an emotional reaction proved his compassion for children and the citizens at large because the president was eager to stop the increasing number of gun-related murders.


When the war started, Athena fought bravely in order to save her people. Even though it is known that Athena was a nonviolent goddess that always promoted peace, she could not forgive her enemies for violence and insults. Whenever her friends were subjected to vicious attacks, she remained at the forefront of a dangerous confrontation until the battle had been won (Stansbury 13). That determination was also one of her primary attributes. As the goddess of war, her main concern was the safety of her people. She led the battles and did not relent until she had ensured that her people were safe from threat. When it is necessary, Obama also negotiates with the enemies and participates in the wars.  He monitors and visits the risk zones in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan in an attempt to restore security and peace. Unfortunately, these places are the habitation for the terrorists, thus posing a grave threat to the US security. Consequently, both Athena and Obama are concerned with the safety of their people and can do everything in their power to safeguard them.

Courage and Confidence

Athena is a fearless goddess depicted with her armament she received with her birth. Her active and courageous life indicates her fearlessness. The Athena’s decisions to engage in the wars or to face two fighting groups in an attempt to bring peace prove that she is genuinely brave. After making proper and wise judgments, she becomes confident about the future. Obama’s courage and determination often define the outcomes of conflicts and misunderstanding. Firstly, his confidence is evident when he handles his affairs and gives the inspiring speech to his nation. Despite bad relation that has been existing between the US and Cuba, Obama became the first sitting president to visit Cuba in over ninety years. He was courageous and confident to the state during his visit that change will happen to Cuba and even Raul Castro knows it (Francis, 2016). He further demonstrated his courage by offering President Raul to have a joint press conference with him when Raul had to answer questions concerning human right violations put by the American journalists. The President of Cuba was not used to such conferences.

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In conclusion, despite the obvious differences, the two characters seem to have many similarities in their actions. They show that both Athena and Obama are confident and courageous, wise, compassionate, and caring for the welfare of their people. The characteristics of Athena are, thus, comparable to those of world leaders of the past and present, as it could be seen in the parallel between her and President Obama.

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