Literature has always played one of the most fundamental roles in people’s lives. It reveals so many life topics and explores them from so many different perspectives that many people are just left wondering how this could be possible. Literature is truly a great phenomenon: it evokes imagination as every person that is reading the same book will paint an entirely different picture in his/ her mind. As such, for one person a certain text will be interesting, for another person – breathtaking, and for some other one – boring. The shape of literature is molded with words, which help readers perceive the text in a certain way either simple or complex, exciting or boring.

Since literature is so important, at colleges and universities professors frequently assign literature papers to their students. So, what makes a good literature essay?

  1. First of all, the essay should be readable and understandable (not only in terms of grammar and sentence structures but, most importantly, in terms of content);
  2. The essay should demonstrate original thoughts and analysis (not just restate some well-known facts);
  3. The essay should be interesting to read;
  4. You should carefully plan the process of writing an essay and know exactly what points you want to cover;
  5. In case you have any troubles with writing, you should look for English literature essay samples.

How to Plan the Writing Process Properly:

  1. Brainstorm ideas and jot down the key facts before writing;
  2. Plan each body paragraph carefully;
  3. Draft an outline of the whole essay;
  4. Define the main paper argument;
  5. Think of your target audience.

With these tips in mind, from now on you will be able to write an outstanding literature essay.

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The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald

The subject of the essays and novels by Sebald (Vertigo, 1990; The Emigrants, 1996; The Rings of Saturn, 1995; Austerlitz, 2001) is a long-standing and recent history of Germany and [...]

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A well known American author, George Steiner, created his work The Deeps of the Sea to depict various aspects of a human life. George Steiner is fond of Leo Tolstoy [...]


According to philosopher David Hume, there is no self. It is an illusion created by humans’ lack of believes in cause and effect. David Hume (1711 -1776) was a Scottish [...]

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When small children cannot read yet, parents show them pictures and tell about different animals or boys and girls depicted to develop their future interest in reading. Comic books are [...]

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The emotional intelligence is a relatively new concept in the psychology. It indicates the individual capacity to perceive, understand and respond to the emotions of other people with the help [...]

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