Evaluating Trumpism: Triumph or Tragedy?


In society, individuals often tend to define particular ideologies. Today, people are at a particular crossroads in history, marking the end of the term of the first African-American president in the United States and the likely election of the first woman president of the US, or possibly the first self-declared multi-billionaire one. Thus, a new phenomenon has embraced America. Trumpism is the phenomenon that has gripped the American public in almost an infinite manner, which has been an origin of consternation for many Americans, but also a source of entertainment for millions of others. The word originated from the Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump. Trumpism is a noun that refers to an exaggerated sense of self-worth experienced by a public individual or political candidate which he/she continually expresses in public. This noun rises to fill a space that has been blank as while there are words to express such behavior in private, there is no such word to describe it in terms of a public figure. The word originates from the observation on the assertions and behavior of Donald J Trump, the current Republican presidential candidate. While the suffix –ism is usually used to describe an ideology, in this case, the notion of Trumpism goes beyond an ideology; it is also a way of life.

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Modern people live in an age when most of the information that used to be private, is considered to be public now. Moreover, for people in the public limelight, it is more apparent. In this regard, financial records are supposed to be a private affair for some people, but for the most of them who run for public office, there is a public expectation, but not a legal requirement that one will release their tax records. Moreover, if a person running for public office claims to be one of the richest Americans, the citizens reasonably expect that he/she will support that information with financial records. However, trumpism instead calls for one to declare that the financial declaration forms that are provided by the Federal Elections Commission were meant for people who have far less financial wealth than the particular candidate, and continuously declare that he/she is “really rich.”

In most cases, people love to feel that they have a lot of money. It gives a psychological security that few things can provide and allows a person to have a comfortable life. Most Americans look for a comfortable middle-class existence, although the majority would also want to be enormously wealthy. In some cases, certain people have staked their self-worth in their wealth so much that they take any assertion that they have less than they perceive to have as an affront of their character. For instance, a person who subscribes to trumpism would sue people who publish a book that happens to mention that he/she is worth mere hundreds of millions, as opposed to billions, for libel and appeal if the court of the first instance does not rule in their favor.

Other than the financial wealth, most people would also want to be physically healthy. However, going too far in the quest to prove to the world that one is physically fit is also an example of trumpism. In this regard, if a public figure was to appear on a primetime quasi-medical television show and had the on-show “doctor” to pronounce the public figure in a “top physical shape,” this is a sign of trumpism. Moreover, a public official forcing his or her doctor to issue a short typo-strewn letter purporting the public figure to be the healthiest person who ever ran for president while using terms like “astonishingly excellent” would also be trumpism.

Most Americans are raised Christians or are the very least familiar with the notion of forgiving as the basic tenet of Christianity. Thus, the expectation is that a self-described protestant Christian would know how to ask for forgiveness from both human beings and God, since he/she believes in such god. This is not an affront on those who are atheists or are follow other religions. However, Trumpism ascribes to the notion that one should try as much as possible to avoid asking for forgiveness, either from God or fellow human beings. The reason one is sure that he/she rarely does something wrong, or if he/she does, then sees no value in seeking for forgiveness as he/she has a very high sense of self-worth resulting in having little time for such things.

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The positive side of Trumpism is that it promotes a healthy dosage of self-esteem. In Trumpism, there is no room for self-doubt or self-recrimination. It is worth asserting that “I think it would be trumpism to go to an examination room unprepared and expect to pass the paper.” However, as every person who ascribes to trumpism fervently knows, sometimes the opposite of what people expect happens. Consequently,  Trumpism can be a powerful tool in terms of the psychological elevation of individuals who suffer from instances of self-loathing as trumpism elevates the self above all other people and things. With this kind of attitude, one can ignore the world, and live in their little space even when they are in the public eye!


In conclusion, Trumpism as a noun refers to the elevated sense of self-worth that a public figure repeatedly expresses in public. While Trumpism is not a new aspect in America, and indeed in many people’s lives across the world, the constant bombardment from daily news has meant that it has needed a noun of its own. Therefore, the society needs such a word so that it can describe what it feels like when one ascribes to Trumpism and practices it. For most people, there is a line between what one knows about himself or herself, and what he or she demonstrates or asserts in public as there seems to be a line between self-enthusiasm and an ego trip. However, as there are likely more people to appear in future who will ascribe to Trumpism, a noun like this will ensure that there is a term people can ascribe to this ideology.

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