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Nowadays, Rihanna is portrayed in modern mass media as a cheeky and astute person who doesn’t really care about her image. Sometimes, it seems that she doesn’t care what people will think about her, and at the next moment, one may think that she does it intentionally. There are two types of people in the modern world: those who like Rihanna’s behavior and those who wait for such actions to lead to complete disgust, causing all fans to reject her. Nowadays, Rihanna’s popularity is at the highest level. She is a popular singer and a successful actress who does not try to sound polite and mild. In this mode of action, she has become one of the most influential people in the modern world. Being represented in mass media as an unapologetic and provocative singer, she raises her ratings and makes people follow her.

Rihanna is a Barbadian R&B singer, who became popular in 2003 and since that time she regularly appears on the world stages with her albums. The image of Rihanna changed from year to year and from album to album. At the beginning of her career, she was a 16-year old girl, but with some unfavorable past. Her father was accused in dealing with cocaine and alcohol, so she was not a lady in a castle when she became popular. With a rather strong character and emotional nature, the singer is known as an unapologetic pop phenomenon who always searches for the truth and ensures that her opinion is heard. The opinion of this person is important for public despite the fact that they do not always agree with it. According to the Time magazine, Rihanna was named one of the most influential people in modern society. She says whatever she wants to say at the moment, she does not care how people will consider her behavior, all she says whatever she needs (McCartney). Other celebrities would rephrase the words and reply in polite and reserved manner, but not Rihanna.

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The image of Rihanna in mass media is explained as the most realistic and true. Looking at Rihanna and her image in the media, it is possible to see that she does not try to cover her thoughts and ideas; she does not want to keep her words. She says exactly what she thinks and what she wants to say without caring for others’ opinions. This singer has thousands of followers in Tweeter and on Facebook, she likes to remain in the center of attention, and her expressions make people follow her. Reading her comments and following her tweets, one can form an opinion that someone wants to harm Rihanna’s image by destroying her personality. However, this is Rihanna, who wants to appear real. She does not hide behind polite words and written speeches. She is brutal and expressive, her opinion does not fit the social norms and moral, but this is precisely what Rihanna wants.

The clothes Rihanna wears also influence her image. At the beginning of her singing career, the celebrity wore jeans and T-shirts. She looked like a waif. After the first popular song, her image changed. For a couple of years she appeared in public in short and bright skirts. All her wardrobe looked like a sky with numerous stars. This rather doubtful vision of an image for the singer was strange and did not serve her well. Later, she understood that to be a singer dive she had to change her clothes. Since that time for several years, Rihanna appeared in public in absolutely varied outfits. One day she could appear in a long dress with luxury neckband, the other time she could be seen in a simple white dress without any peculiarities. There was a period when Rihanna wanted to show all her sexuality, and she highlighted it if fairly open clothes with glassy elements. There was a period in Rihanna’s career when she used to wear black clothes. There was a time when the singer briefly turned from a sex bomb into a rebel. Nowadays, Rihanna’s wardrobe is the most unpredictable and bright. Highlighting her fairness in thoughts, the singer wants to underline her individuality and original thinking. Now, she can come out in a luxury evening dressing and sneakers. She can appear on the red carpet in a bright and sexy outfit with a draped coat. Being open in public, Rihanna makes a number of experiments with her visual image. She can mix things that seem absolutely inconsistent. Sometimes she looks like a crazy city-girl, and sometimes she is a Hollywood diva. In any case, her courage, and the absence of bounds in viewing the world turn her into one of the most outstanding personalities of our time and a trend setter.

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The songs she sings highlight her inner desires and opinions. For example, the song “Bitch Better Have My Money” highlights Rihanna’s desire to address the problem of the female role in the modern world. The clips shot for Rihanna’s songs are also expressive, bright, and open. She speaks about the important problems in the way how she thinks about them. There is no hidden subtext; she speaks directly. All her songs are about modern problems; she highlights the aspects that people try to leave silent. This inner desire to be real makes Rihanna remain the same in her songs. All shocking phases and clothes the singer applies in her daily life are reflected in her songs. Everything she feels can be heard in her works and seen in her image.

One of the main distinguishing features of Rihanna from other celebrities is her serious attitude to social media. She does not only read all the information on the net, but she also replies to her fans and everyone who writes. Depending on the messages, Rihanna does not try to sound polite with those who try to trick her. However, her style of writing is rather entertaining and interesting. For example, replying to a hater on an angry statement, Rihanna says “My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u?”. It is also possible to see the following statements in Rihanna’s Tweeter, “cuz I’m black bitch!!!!”, or “your p*** is way too dry be riding my d**/ like this” (Rihanna). All these statements are taken from Tweeter, and they mainly reflect how Rihanna depicts herself at the social media. Being an emotional, person who positions herself as careless and rude, Rihanna has become an icon for mass media. People love her, and the more dirt is poured on her in mass media or social networks, the more popular she appears. Overall, this rudeness and insolence make an image for Rihanna.

Unfortunately, one of the features, adherent to all young and shocking singers, has become the part of Rihanna’s life. Having appeared in public in a young age, she has developed a passion to drugs and alcohol. It is not a secret in the modern show business that drugs and alcohol is one of the inevitable parts of the life of celebrities. Recently, the messages, news, and videos where Rihanna is in unacceptable condition appear more and more often. The yellow press publishes a lot of photos where the celebrity appears in an absolutely unacceptable condition. The comments on Tweeter Rihanna leaves are also too open and shocking.

Overall, the private and public life of Rihanna is interconnected, as the singer tries to show this life in public after developing any relationships. Trying to be true and open, the singer has already crossed the line. After ten years of a bright career, Rihanna appears in a less and less attractive image. Trying to be open she shows herself as rude and imbalanced people. When she wants to be original, it is possible to see more and more cases of her disgrace. Many people still continue supporting Rihanna, but there are those who have already refused from the singer having highlighted that now she has become at the edge of the abyss. Neither drugs nor alcohol can lead to the improvement of the diva’s image. Despite being at the peak of her career, the singer may appear at the end of the list in several years. Shocking and bright expressions of the singer should be based on her realistic vision of the world, understanding of the modern tendencies and inner emotional condition. However, it should not be the result of the inadequate vision of the world due to drugs and alcohol.

Looking at the public image of the modern diva some advice can be given. Drugs and alcohol for an R&B star are a norm, and the signer should sometimes appear in public in some provocative photos, but it should not become a norm. There are a lot of different situations how public can be shocked. Clothes are one of them. Rihanna should highlight her individuality by continuing experiments with clothes and its combinability. Moreover, Rihanna should continue shocking her fans with rude and too direct expressions. Modern people like it. However, there is no need to offense those who do not deserve it. Being original means to accept responsibility; however, the recent actions of the diva do not show any responsibility and understanding of the consequences. There will always remain those who will love Rihanna no matter how deep she can fall. But speaking about a woman, whose opinion was considered as the primary in the modern society, she can lose this status.

To be original means to accept critics. To be sharp in replies means to remain open and free in thoughts. The combination of these features should be combined in order to bring some novelty in Rihanna’s image. People will get tired of Rihanna’s constant provocative actions, and this will mean the end of her career. What Rihanna needs is some shocking novelty. Rihanna should bring something absolutely new and unpredictable to show that it is too early to remove her from the top of popularity. Having checked all expressive and unbelievable actions of Rihanna in public, what can be the most unexpected and new in her career? The answer is the motherhood. Throughout her entire career, Rihanna has always treated motherhood as something very responsible and serious. Being active, shocking, and free in her actions, motherhood can be one more unbelievable but, at the same time, a very serious action. Nowadays, Rihanna appears in the best age for motherhood, and since she has always related private life to public and vice versa, this action may become a new burst of the singer’s popularity. This is also shocking for those who know Rihanna as she is now. A new image may bring more sharpness and interest to the life and career of this diva.

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