Land Ethics

Land Ethics

In the modern world, people think about their actions, deeds, and their moral solvency and soundness very little. Business life is very active, and people forget about their connection with nature. Consequently, the question about the spiritual impoverishment and moral degradation arises.

Many years of human from true spiritual culture, national roots and traditions led to the crisis of social consciousness, which is reflected in the extremely unfavorable social atmosphere: increasing criminality of society, crime (including children), violence, public loose morals. The most difficult situation is with the adolescent and youth field.

Obviously, that is a result of strengthening in the process of alienation. Wealth began to occupy much more space, and, thus, culture and education are shifted into to the periphery. It is connected with a rapidly changing society. Due to technological and technical progresses, people forget to preserve the spiritual value.

The most problematic issue today is connected with ecology. It is because of unfair interaction. Today, humanity has got problems with nature because of its consumer attitudes to nature, and, hence, the indifference of the people to the world around them. Society is trying to make their lives more comfortable and is sometimes not aware of its connection with nature. This led to the fact that the face of the planet has changed beyond recognition. It means the beginning of an irreversible process. As a consequence of this process, land and nature degradation of society is inevitable.

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Forms of mutual interdependence between humans and land

Attitude between human and earth is based on such a relationship as independence and interdependence, mutual dependence and mutual reliability, justice and injustice. Farming is one of forms which reflect this interdependence. It is a holistic mechanism where one cannot exist and develop without another party. Originally, it was exclusive, because it was not possible to exist without land and vice versa. This is not a static structure but extremely dynamic process. It is a process with the help of which it is possible to evaluate the changes between the initial and final stages of the relationship between man and land.
Agriculture is the basis of generating life. The development of such relations entails the development of economy. The criteria for such a development are quality, integrity, sophistication, and transition to a higher level.

Humans and land dependence criteria

The transition to a higher level is the most complex criteria for these relationships. It demands more extra investments, technological development, and constant monitoring of the integrity of this system. This system has got a cyclic structure which is expressed as a “person- land – farming – a person”. This triad shows autonomy and dependence at the same time, mutual dependence and mutual exclusion. There are always common ground facilities.

If the land is considered as a sovereign entity, one can speak about social relations as fair or unfair. In this case, one considers if land has got the equal or unequal rights towards humans. If it is so, then this system is characterized by integrity, stability, and certainty.
The elements in this case are land and people. The result of this relationship is sustainable development. This new holistic attitude is quality. It is embodied in the new economy as a single educational background. Humans who are repeatedly working hard on fields create specific unity. As a result of this single building complex, the land is fertile, the family is healthy, and people feel moral. More than that, it increases the productivity of natural resources. If the quality is unity of the land and man, then the number in this process may vary within a given certainty, in the framework of the whole, without changing the structure of such integrated relationship. In fact, under the influence of humans, the land after some time changes its quality and acquires a new structure, which must be included into the new system.

What is the land?

Clearly, the land cannot be economic community only. The condition of the economy is a land of high quality, which is the result of long, hard annual labor. This is the quantity at the same time. The land quality is changing as well as humans attitude is changing to the land. It includes not only the man, his family, and the land, but also all sectors of the economy. In this interaction not only the quality of the land increases, but also the quality of life of the individual. The person has a holistic view of the world. There is a new land interpretation-master and slave.

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Man and land relationship

In any case, the criterion that generalizes all relationships with the land is personality and values of the person. The land quality is defined accordingly to what values people have about their lands. People are creators of the history. It was under humans influence that landscape and social education have changed. The principle of integrity requires consideration of the development of all parts of the system, including the development of the individual. Land quality reduces human health. Therefore, it is necessary also to pay attention to the issue of health.

Land characteristics

Despite the fact that natural resources and, especially, land are products of human activity, they are relatively independent. People only provide some operation. At the same time, objectivity, as an adequate reflection of reality, cannot be considered separately from the utility. More than that, they are influenced by natural disasters.

Secondly, land has got such criteria as efficiency and quality (Anderson). Objectivity means that land has got its own chemistry and does not depend on the person. Certainly, objectivity can be quite subjective, because it is run and best-supported only by the person.

Thirdly, one of the main characteristics is structural and functional completeness. It means that land must be fully renewable after some operations. It can act as an integrating parameter of any integrated system. Such an integrated system means a variety of natural cycles that are organized by humans in order to improve the quality of the land. It must be organized in such a way as to comply with the laws of nature. Completeness criterion is the foundation of good deeds by a person to maintain the functioning of natural and social systems.

Therefore, in addition to the criterion of completeness, it is possible to introduce the criterion of quality of life as the main parameter. Quality of a person depends on the environment by 20-40% (Anderson). It is necessary to create favorable conditions for human existence ecological system. It is necessary to remember that land is not a soulless place from which one can take and take, paying almost nothing in return. Land is exhausted and the person is in a dilemma. If humans continue destructive practice of the transformation of nature, results can be the worst.

From all this, it follows that it is necessary to treat the earth as an “inorganic body” and care about it. It is necessary to understand the role of natural processes. Only then one can assume all natural and social systems, including humans and land as single unity.

Announcement and recognition of land is a return to ancient times. Only humans will take the land in their community. The role and place of humans in nature and social system is not limited to the definition of land as a continuation of his “inorganic body” and its sovereignty, but it also entails the positioning of the person in his/her environment (Anderson). People have to merge with the system. Therefore, one defines its place as the center of the ecosystem.

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What is land ethics?

The main principles of the land ethics are the following:

  1. Man is a measure of everything. Any human act directly or indirectly affects life in the universe.
  2. Any machinery and labor division must be introduced in favor of the land.
    Technological development in accordance with its own necessity does not improve patterns of functioning ecosystems. If a man begins to rely on the power of technology, violates the laws of self-nature.
  3. Humans must feel values of the land. The main reason for the alienation of land from the man is a deprivation of the right to own land. Humans must accept the land as their own property.
  4. It is not possible to bind humans to land on the basis of public ownership and laws. It is necessary to show importance of natural resources and human impact on the world.
  5. More than that, any government should look at the land not as a commodity to earn money but as a component of ecosystem where all humans live.

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