Throughout all our life we may refer to different communities. Community is a group of people which has the same ideas and goals in life and lives in a particular location. This group is organized around common values and social cohesion. When people think of their community they often refer to a place where they live. Your parents give you the first life lessons. Then different communities teach you how to act and behave in different situations. Each community we belong to has an important effect on shaping the person’s opinions and behavior. The first thing which comes to my mind with the word “community”, is the residence of living which encompasses the people, the parks, the recreation centers and so on. But to think deeper, this word means more specific things like different cults, specific ethnic groups, and religious groups.

There are some the most important communities in my life:

  • workplace
  • the university I attend
  • friends
  • the place where I live
  • sport clubs
  • the church I visit
  • the educational sites on the Internet

I have listed such communities because I experience great feelings and emotions while being there. They give me the strength and power to reach my goals. Among these communities, there are some which refer to localities. They are the place where I live and the sports clubs. Such communities as the workplace, the university and the place where I live refer to relational communities.

The community, which I most often interact in outside the family, is my workplace. I work as a teacher so my colleagues play an important role in my life. I should admit that they are professionals, so it is always stimulating to work with such people and in such a place. Now I would like to assess this community by using four McMillan-Chavis elements of sense of community.

Speaking about the first point – membership – I should say that it is highly-developed in this community because we all have one aim and purpose – to give our pupils the deep knowledge and share our own experience. I contributed to this community greatly, especially emotionally. This community becomes the social setting for the educational activities. This community is greatly organized because every member feels himself as a part of long social process. In this community I feel myself emotionally safe and being a part of it is necessary and very important for me as I have all the possibilities to show and release my knowledge and experience. I feel self-evaluation.

All the members of the community influence each other, but only in a positive way. They are always ready to help you and give all necessary information you need. Speaking about my personal experience, I would like to say that I do not have a great impact on the members of this community as I am young enough to give advices the other members. To tell the truth, the other members respect my own views on life, my ideas and encourage me to create something new and interesting for our work. Actually, when the members of any particular group spend time together by doing the same things, they start to share the same ideas. So, there exists mutual influence on each other being a participant of any community.

When taking into consideration the integration of my community, I should admit great responsibility a readiness for the help needed. Every time I need support and advise I can ask

someone to help me and to explain the things which I do not understand. Being young, modern and acquainted with modern technologies give me the privilege over inexperienced workers. I always help them in doing some work on the computer, e.g. by making presentations, typing texts, creating different games and even searching the necessary information on the Internet. The most common values which are shared in this community are trust, truth, reliability, readiness to help each other.

Speaking about the last point – emotional connection – I would like to say that all the members experience strong bonds and positive emotional connection between each other, especially considering teachers who are of the same subjects. They exchange their experience, their knowledge, their teaching methods and positive methodological aspects which can be applied among other students.

To conclude, I should say that creating a community is the first need of any society. Large communities provide peace and protection while small communities share such things as friendship, self-estimation, self-motivation and other features.

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