The Halloween Celebration

The Halloween Celebration

Celebration time! Celebration time! It was all celebration time when the last day of October came each year. The day was marked with festivities that started the night before the Halloween. Well, I took key interest in how I would fit into the system and make sure that I was part of the larger celebrating body of individuals from all corners of the world. There was always a lot of music filling the air and a relaxed atmosphere evident from the comfort of my room. As a child, I wore my best outfit and joined my friends on the material day where we could have fun and enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

In the past, I usually celebrated Halloween along with other families and friends in big community activities. It was always a fantastic moment when we came together prior to the earliest arrangements for the material day. Halloween always gave me a great opportunity to meet new friends and share my experiences in a new environment. As a child, I was always dressed in fancy clothes as I visited the neighbors along with other children. We used to move from one house to another asking for snacks, sweets and other kinds of gifts as we could please and depending on their availability.

The best moment came in when we failed to get our demands. There was always the usual threatening to harm the people who lived there. It was commonly referred to as playing ‘trick-or-treat’. All the same, it happened in a friendly manner which made the whole thing satisfying and enjoyable. Our parents usually kept company with us just to be sure that the ‘treats’ were safe for us as we played.

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Now that we have grown old and advanced in years, I mainly celebrate Halloween in community events involving friends and families from the neighborhood. I have always been involved in making arrangements for the events meant for Halloween prior to October 31. Taking part in costume parties has also been a great way in which I have celebrated Halloween. At this age, I normally start the celebration from a personal level. I always make sure that I have at least an idea of everything that the community would want to engage in, be it the creation of haunted graveyards or houses.

At times, it’s  fulfilling to carve lanterns bearing ‘frightening’ faces from vegetables like pumpkins along with beautification of my garden and the home in a Halloween fashion. Just for remembrance, I would do this in the manner like it was done earlier to chase away evil spirits. Well, this is not the main idea of celebration, but I do it just for fun and to make the celebrations lively. Basically, my Halloween celebrations have mainly been the outdoor activities. During these celebrations I  met friends and other families from the neighborhood.

As it is said, change is the order of the day. When I try to recall the  earliest impressions of past Halloween celebrations, the surprising memories arise in my head. It has been a series of events and changes realized all along. It is no doubt that the future holds a different scenario in these celebrations. In most cases, I hope I will be at home on Halloweens. I will, therefore, make sure that I have decorated my home and the garden as well. Now that I will expect children to visit on their “trick-or-treat” play, I think it would be a very pleasing idea to have a bowl ready with small gifts and candies to give them as they knock my door. It would be useful in assisting me to please the very small spirits within the vicinity. Yeah, just for fun.

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Halloween has always been an exciting moment for me. It brought different experiences for me at different levels of my life. In the time I was a little child I really had fun and enjoyed myself greatly. Halloween has also given me a chance to even be happier amidst families, friends and communities at large in the neighborhood. I also know it will be a great moment even in future as I see myself sitting at the comfort of my home and entertaining guests.

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