African Americans Employment

a racial problem

Due to slavery abolishment, the attitude toward the African-American population has changed dramatically. Certainly, the problem of racial discrimination is still present in the contemporary society and concerns all the spheres of human expertise. One of these spheres is the employment, and its conditions for the African-American population is an important question to consider. Due to the numerous laws and legislative procedures, the racial discrimination in applying for a job has been reduced to minimum; however, the US society is not ready to handle the issue to the extent the time requires. Hence, frequently, the employers want to employ African-American persons but still do not do it due to a set of reasons. Therefore, this paper will focus on three convincing reasons why the employers should provide African Americans with the working places.

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The African Americans and Hard Work

The employers frequently do not want to hire African Americans due to the existing prejudice that they are lazy. In fact, this stereotype is not proved. The investigations on the proficiency and amount of work, which various nations and races perform, state that the ethnic characteristic is one of the most decisive factors that make incredibly big impact on the work productivity and expected results achievement. Probably, the most evident conclusion, which can be drawn from the researches, is the fact that African-American population is eager to work more or harder to achieve the organizational aims.

The researchers believe that such a situation has been formed due to two reasons. On the one hand, it is a well-known fact that African-American population underwent slavery several centuries ago, and now it has a principle position towards the working process in general. African Americans love working and want to be engaged in the proper conditions to perform their duties in the most appropriate way since their former generations suffered from work they had to do for free and unwillingly. In any case, the social polls and interviews conducted among the representatives of the African-American population demonstrated such an opinion. The majority of them responded that they preferred not high or premium status in the society, which the financial income that they might have can guarantee, but an opportunity to be treated in the same way as the white part of population is.

On the other hand, the sociologists who are engaged in studying the life conditions in the African countries noted that people had already done much to improve their living setting. They are motivated to enter the universities and get higher education to be able to stay competitive as compared to the white population and be able to occupy the position in respectful companies. Hence, they tend to improve the overall situation their lives. Nevertheless, the level of poverty in African countries stays very high; hence, some African Americans decide to immigrate to the countries, which have better conditions for living. One of the most attractive destinations is the USA. When arriving to the new country, they make efforts to settle better lives and get more appropriate conditions. African-American population tends to achieve the best performance in work to succeed. Certainly, there are rare exceptions but they do not impact on the overall situation to the great extent.

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The African Americans’ Level of IQ

In the majority of cases, the employers have a firm conviction that the African Americans’ IQ level is lower as compared to the white population of the West. According to the investigations, which are devoted to the IQ level and its development on the life-long basis among various nations and races representatives, the IQ rate of African Americans is believed to be higher than average one. It means that it is not very low as well as it is not extremely high. In comparison to people from Western countries and Asia, the African Americans’ level of IQ is not lower. The scholars explain it by the lack of access to the education the African countries experience due to the relatively low level of economic development. However, the hard-working approach of the African Americans contributes to gaining higher and higher IQ.

This aspect is supposed to serve as a positive one when employing the representatives of African-American community. Combined with deep desire to work hard, this factor makes an advantageous impact on the employment procedure. Although the prejudices concerning the IQ level frequently burden the recruiting process, it is still important to keep in mind that racial or ethnic nature of a person seldom determines this rate . Hence, the employment of African Americans is generally believed to be perceived equally beneficial to a company in comparison with the Europeans, Asians, and Americans. In any case, the majority of studies indicate that it is more preferable to employ people who possess relatively high level of IQ since they can drive the progress of the companies in both local and global meaning.

It is possible to make a certain conclusion about the IQ rate and African Americans’ recruitment: the highly-paid jobs can be accessible for them due to the fact that the representatives of this race are willing to evolve their cognitive skills and, as a consequence, have an ability to occupy high or advanced positions. It means that the professions, which are the most accessible for the African Americans can be both those, which are less-paid, and those, which require high level of intellectual development. In other words, the physical labor is not the only option for African Americans: everything should be concerned in connection with personal approach to each individual.

Racial Prejudices of White Population

The racial prejudices is another obstacle on the way to the fair employment of African-Americans. According to Romei and Ruggieri, the prejudices are “neutral practices that take into account personal attributes correlated with indicators of race” (584). White employers often have a negative attitude toward people of color due to the fact that they have been taught to do it. The mass media has always been a perfect instrument to promote such an attitude. Moreover, due to the fact that the majority of employers in the USA are white, they have a variety of the prejudices about the African-American population. The prejudice “produces spatial mismatch between the demand for jobs and job seekers, contributing to high unemployment,” specifically among African-American population (Quillian 355). Furthermore, the cultivated bias is associated not only with the job-related aspects but also “raised levels of violence, family disintegration, substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease,” which only aggravate the situation (Fullilove and Wallace 384). The biases like that appear due to the constant depiction of racism in the mass media. However, these prejudices derive from nothing, and they do not have a firm basis.

There is another side of the issue of prejudices. The majority of personnel of various US-based companies are white. The emergence of an African-American employee may cause numerous conflicts, which are not likely to lead to the positive outcomes of the work of company or organization. To avoid these situations, which are believed to be extremely negative, the employers should hire the African Americans and simultaneously conduct anti-racism work. Otherwise, the internal conflicts can arise and destroy the work mechanism of an organization.

In addition, it is significant to keep in mind that the climate within the staff is a particular type of environment, which according to the rules of organizational culture and behavior, is built throughout the whole history of a company . Indeed, the process of the rules establishment is extremely difficult and requires huge amount of time as well as effort from managers and leaders while the destruction of the system is much easier to perform. The employment of an African-American member of the staff can lead to the positive consequences for a company due to the personal biases each worker is likely to have. It means that an effective leader or manager should protect an organization from the destroying effect of the biases and prejudices of the staff. Certainly, it may be noted that it is the aim of the head of an organization to preserve the inner environment of a company in safety in order to ensure its productive and successful work.

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The paper concerns three essential reasons why the employers do not want to recruit African Americans including existing negative stereotypes concerning their laziness as well as low level of IQ among others. In fact, as the investigations show, due to the presence of people’s desire to work hard and relatively high IQ level, the prejudices, which can hypothetically be present among the staff or managing department members, are reduced. All of these reasons serve as a positive tool in employing African Americans and should be precisely concerned by managers and leaders of the organizations in order to avoid numerous confusing situations and destruction of their companies. To introduce the employment of the African Americans in a more detailed way, it is important to note that the society as well as personnel of the organizations have to be additionally prepared for it and free from the prejudices.

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