1880 Presidential Election

According to New York Times, Nov 7, 1880, Republicans gain in 75 is 16, 866 which made to Garfield’s plurality 33, 995. Article highlights the election process data, leading persons and number of votes given to them. It provides a preliminary data presented to the citizens to keep them informed about condition of candidates. It is noted that presented figures are not ‘differ materially’ and make Garfield’s majority over all 30,000 (“Ohio Gives Thirty Thousand”).

Garfield was the 20th President of the United States of America. The republican representative that had strong belief in limited government, individualism and some kind of business entrepreneurship; he was floor leader of the House. It is known that he was self-taught in multiple subjects and a military leader. He led to front porch campaign for the Presidency. In 1880, he won the election in the county. However, Garfield was out with majority of less than 10,000 votes and elections featured a very close popular vote. This Presidential election is still remembered as extremely close popular vote between two major parties and candidates relatively. The abovementioned President was killed with an assassin’s bullet next year.

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In the same newspaper there is a short remark about two trains that ran into each other. Regular freight train No.28 and “wild” freight train were smashed (“Freight Cars Broken Up”).It is reported that nobody was injured fatally. It was interesting to learn that train accidents happened more often in the old days. Surprisingly, such seemingly safe kind of transport as the train can still be hazardous. During the current year, 4 rather big accidents had taken place in the USA. Described in New York Times accident of 1880 is hard to find on Internet sources, however, most likely because of its age and because every passenger had stayed alive.

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