Writing a good history essay means being able to identify and include numerous details and historical facts without exceeding the allowed word count limit for a written assignment. It is necessary to discuss the required information and organize it coherently. If a student knows how to write a history essay, he/ she can demonstrate his/ her historical awareness as well as the mastery of analytical and critical skills in writing.

When you look at history essay samples, you will see that such essays require a strong argument supported with ample evidence. For supporting facts, you can extract information from two types of sources: primary or secondary. The former refer to the materials or books under analysis whereas the latter include textbooks, journals, and other peer-reviewed sources. For some papers, you can use both primary and secondary sources, while for others only one type of those is applicable. In case you need some clarifications which sources to use, it’s better to ask your professor before writing the essay.

Any history essay you submit should have sufficient research and analysis of the topic. If you take some material from the outside sources (for example, a paraphrased citation or a direct quote), you should cite it properly and include the sources in the reference list.

In case you were assigned a topic that you do not know well, it is better to start studying it from some general textbooks. As soon as you have understood the basics, you can switch over to some specific literature.

A history essay should be a piece of persuasive writing, where you need to clearly demonstrate and support your standpoint concerning a certain issue or event. If there is a central question to the essay, it must be answered throughout the essay development.

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Alexander the Great

The Macedonian king Alexander the Great, one of the greatest conquerors and world-renowned military leaders of all time, created, probably, the greatest empire the world has ever seen. An antique [...]

Newspaper Assignment

According to New York Times, Nov 7, 1880, Republicans gain in 75 is 16, 866 which made to Garfield’s plurality 33, 995. Article highlights the election process data, leading persons [...]

The States and Federal Government

Before the US constitution was created a state had more power than the federal government. To create a constitution with a framework of a national government, the states had to [...]

Vernacular Language

The term vernacular refers to the original language of a certain region, the mother tongue. During the Roman rule, Latin was the common language spoken, especially in the courts and [...]

Cultural Syncretism

The term syncretism is used to denote “the combination or alliance of opposing religious or philosophical doctrines, often with political undertones” (Mills & Mills, 2003). If cultural syncretism had taken [...]

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