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Every company has a market and a certain number of consumers that want to expand. Increase in sales and demand is the result of marketer’s hard work. A marketer is a specialist who dedicates most of his time to analysis of market structure and advertising. He analyzes the demand for manufactured goods and the services provided by the company; explores markets and competitor-marketing moves, as well as the purchasing power of customers in a given period of time. Thereafter, he develops an advertising concept according to the information received.

The main purpose of target marketing or marketing department is to provide manager, who is responsible for making decisions, with relevant, accurate, reliable, and current information. This department conducts a retrospective and prospective analysis based on which management decisions will be made. In some companies, the responsibility of the marketer is even to develop a solution (Burrow, 2008).

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Like all professions, the occupation of marketer has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include high wages and great career prospects.

The major drawback of this profession is a busy work schedule. The marketer has to find profitable markets for goods and expand them; real specialist in this field must gather information, analyze competitors’ prices and their marketing policy; stressful situations can occur very often.

In terms of marketers’ career prospects, there are a number of ways to climb a career ladder. One of the most requested business spheres is analytical marketing (needed in any company interested in analyzing competitors, markets). In this case, a good start can be guaranteed in large holding companies since there are the departments of development strategies. These structures often have opening assistants or junior analysts. These specialists initially focus on marketing support of management decisions, and a logical extension of their careers is rising to top positions, which may be a director of strategic planning development. In addition, these professionals are highly in demand in the strategic and management consulting, and they can make a good career becoming senior level managers and partners.

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You can start a career as market analyst to investigate competitors and their products (for example, in markets focused on telecommunications, tourism, and banking products). Next logical development can occur in the grocery marketing. The main task in this area is to promote products and services of the market, based on general demand of new products and services, and project management in the field. In addition, emphasis is placed on identifying and shaping consumer preferences, as well as work with the target audience. The number of such professionals consistently increase in companies of any industry; they eventually lead food trends, reaching the level of specialists responsible for promoting the company’s products in general.

Career growth usually starts from a position of a marketing assistant, followed by post-marketing researcher (or marketing analyst), Head of Department, and, finally, Director of Marketing. Thanks to the versatility and breadth of marketing, even sales assistants have all chances to become the head of the company or start their own business.

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Marketer-beginner gets $ 2000-3000 per month. Director of Marketing Salary earns $ 3000-5000 per month.

A marketer should demonstrate effective work with numbers, as well as possess such qualities as attentiveness, analytical thinking, communication, stress tolerance, and creative thinking. These skills are necessary in order to be a good specialist. A person can acquire all these qualities during training in schools.

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