The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

Years ago, the best motivation ever was the desire of every human to survive in the world full of danger and suddenness. So that, the human left the cage and invented the huge amount of things, which surrounds as today and make life comfortable. Those courageous people improved their skills, worked better, and learned more because of challenge of surviving and living a better life that they faced. This is an extrinsic reason and the best example of it is when anybody simply lacks a sum of money for living. Then, such a person does his or her best to achieve more and get paid more. However, this principle works till the time when one gets rich.

After this scheme has exhausted itself, the new was designed. In order to get higher motivation of staff, managers began to pay more for faster and better performed work. Well, it was a quite good-designed project or idea and during the time of mass and fast enrichment it really worked and led to huge quantitative of products and huge profits. Nevertheless, Pink states that, in terms of the modern world, the salary is not enough or is not satisfying for the staff. It is effective only in reference to the technical work, which requires no creativity, ideas, and incentives. Simply, if worker produces more engines for cars than an average worker, he or she will be awarded with some prize. However, when all necessary things have been already created, people need something more, which is beyond triviality. In addition, from this point, managers need good-performed technical work and creativity.

The eternal law says that if a person wants to get something, one has to give another thing in return. Thus, if a manager wants to get creativity, he should think what one can give in return. Pink argues the staff desires to be treated not as simply the force, but as individuals. They need more autonomy in their work. Pink states, control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement (142). If a person is entitled to dedicate a part of working time to the ideas one is interested in, it means he or she can develop something new and it is of great use for companies aimed at developing new ideas. I agree with Pink. Furthermore, speaking about myself as an example, I would like to say that I am more productive at subjects I can choose on my own since I enjoy learning them and it takes less effort than learning other ones. In addition, it is not hard to synthesize the knowledge and get new ideas or prospective on the things, which seemed rather trivial before.

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