A Doll’s House Reader Report

A Doll’s House Reader Report

Literature is an important feature in the life of human beings. It helps humans to learn, criticize issues, acknowledge efforts and teach young generations. In fact, it is a mirror of the society. Many genres of literature have been used through different themes to indicate the challenges that affect the social life of man. In the article, A Doll’s House the theme of relationship is outstanding. The author uses Torvald and his wife and their family friends to indicate how women respond to relationships in different backgrounds. He outlines that the relationship of a husband and wife keeps changing from time to time since women cannot be themselves in a marriage.

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At the first day of the play, the author  presents a firm family with a good relationship. However, the family is extravagant since the wife is perceived to waste much money buying Christmas gifts (Brockett & Franklin 24). Nora explains that the extravagancy took place because her husband had a better position in the bank that would enable them afford a better life. At the beginning of the play the relationship between the Torvald family and Dr. Rank is  outlined as good  friends. It is seen when the doctor arrives to have a supper together with Travold family, an indication that the two families had a good relationship. The relationship between Nora and her husband was genuine at the first year of their marriage (Innes 87). Despite the fact that both were very poor, they worked together for long hours to earn enough money for survival.  Their support of each other was seen when the husband became sick and the couple moved to Italy, so that he could recover. Their relationships made Nora take a step of borrowing money illegally to make sure that they could travel to Italy for her husband’s recovery. However, after recovering and securing good employment positions, their relationships took turn for the worse.

Women cannot be themselves in a marriage (Moi 158). Torvald was aware that his wife was not in a position to raise a big amount of money. Instead of understanding and letting her husband know the reality, she decided to lie to him, saying that the money had been provided by her father. It was an affectionate action that helped her husband to recover. Nevertheless, even after recovering, she did not reveal the secret to him. Instead, she started saving and repaying the debt. Lies and secrets are an indication of the lack of trust in a relationship. Therefore, it acted as an indication that their relationship was no longer stable (Cunningham & Reich 492).

In the article, the relationships between Nora and her husband are further displayed by Krogstad. Krogstad wanted Nora to influence her husband to make sure that he is not fired. He goes further to blackmail her that he would inform her husband about her secrets if she did not stop her husband from firing him (Worthen 54). Considering the Torvald’s history from poverty to their current situation, it is an easier task to sway her husband. However, despite the fact that she tried to convince him, he did not agree with her idea. It indicates that their relationship was not firm, and they did not care about one another.

In act 2, the bond amid Nora and Dr. Rank is displayed in a diverse dimension. Despite being married, Nora knew detailed issue about the life of the doctor. At the commencement of the play, she is seen telling Mrs. Linde that Dr. Rank was suffering from a mortal illness that he had inherited from his father. The fact that Nora knew personal issues about the life of doctor Rank made Mrs. Linde think that the doctor was the source of the loan. It occurred because Nora knew about the doctor even before the doctor announced about his sickness (Unwin 79). Before leaving the doctor informs Nora that he was not far from dying. At the time, she begins to flirt with him. Suddenly the doctor reveals that he was in love with her. Before the revelation, the doctor is presented as a family friend to the point where his private agendas are seen. When Krogstad was fired, he continued threatening Nora hence preventing her from cheering up. Instead of sharing the issues with her husband, she sustained the secrets at share with others, such as Mrs. Linda. The issue shows that the relationships between the couple were not steady. That was the reason that prevented Nora from seeking assistance from her husband.

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The relationships between Nora and her husband kept changing, especially when the husband realized the secrets that Nora had. He called her a liar and a hypocrite claiming that she had ruined his happiness. Despite spending many years in a marriage, he claimed  that she was not the right person to raise their children. Nora also claims that despite the fact that they have been married for 8 years, they cannot understand one another. Therefore, they could not live together anymore (William 451).

In conclusion, the relationships between Nora and her husband were never stable. It kept changing from time to time because of the issues, such as lack of trust. It went ahead to deteriorate to the extent that they could not live with one another and feel that their only way out is to break up.

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