Book Review

A book review is written when you want to critically discuss and analyze a book that you have recently read (or got the assignment to read). Book review samples provide a short description of the key points or events from the book (aka a brief summary) and further provides a succinct analysis of the book with its strong and weak points.

How to Write Book Review Papers?

  1. Make sure you distinguish a book report from a book review. These two pieces of academic writing are completely different regarding their content and organization. The former merely depicts what happens in the book and narrates the main events relating to the main characters. The latter, on the contrary, does not have much to discuss the book but it provides a book critique.
  2. Make sure the book review is 500-750 words in length. You can see an example of “how to write my book report” in different journals, magazines, and on websites.
  3. Provide brief information on what the book is like, what its main ideas are, and what you personally liked or not about it.
  4. Start the book review with a concise summary of the key events, but do not delve deep into the narration of events. Just provide some background information so that the reader knows the main plot and the key events.
  5. Provide a book analysis and evaluation. While doing this, keep in mind the following:
  • Your target audience (and whether they have read the book or not);
  • Information on the main characters;
  • The key aspects/ events of the book to focus on – it is better to identify a few points from the book and analyze them in depth rather than try to cover all aspects in short.

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