Where does Creativity Hide?

People can express their creativity in many ways. However, in order to recognize it, one needs to feel that push from the inside. Creativity is the process of making something new out of nothing. In this case, the ideas or subjects are meant. The main purpose for creativity is to communicate unique ideas or values in order to influence others in their own decision-making both on personal and corporate level. I am convinced that something that is done creatively should bring at least personal satisfaction and reward. However, if its influence goes beyond those personal borders, the result of person’s creativity influencing others is achieved.

There are many cases when creativity can be hidden, or the person does not want to open his or her talents for various reasons. The first can be the influence of the parents deciding on their child’s education. For example, the son should be a doctor because everybody else in the family is a doctor.

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The second reason can be connected with the surroundings of the person such as his or her friends, who are either too creative or are not creative at all. In the first case, person may be afraid to demonstrate his or her ideas in order not to seem foolish. In the second case, there is no space and stimulus for the person to develop as he or she does not see anything creative around, so everything seems right the way it is.

The third reason can be the stereotypes on creative people’s behavior. Many tend to consider them as mentally unstable, which can result in their addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, despite all of the aforementioned reasons, person’s creativity is the talent of God, which should be discovered and developed. It is also unfair to think that the talent does not require hard work for improvement. Thus, the main idea in discovering and developing personal talent is personal realization of “I can do it” and “I will make every effort to improve it.”

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