Public Art

The lecture is about public art as a part of modern art. According to the lecturer, public art is very popular in the modern world. The lecturer discusses such main themes: the purpose and role of public art, the examples of art and the ideas they carry.

In the first main part, the lecturer explains the purpose and role of public art. In the modern world, it becomes more and more popular. Pieces of public art are put in gardens, offices and other public places, at it makes them more beautiful. According to the lecturer, people enjoy public art, as they do not have to visit museum to see it.

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In the second part, the lecturer provides a brief description of some examples of public art. Spoonbridge and Cherry is a good example of public art and pop art. It looks like a spoon with a cherry on it made of metal and painted white and red. The things people see every day are often represented in pop art. However, different people can interpret public art differently.

In the final part, the lecture states that public art is also aimed to show certain concepts, ideas, and beliefs. He focuses on the idea peace in art. The speaker provides two examples that have an idea of peace: Woman and a Horse and The Knotted Gun. The first example is realistic, and the second one is surrealistic, however, they both symbolize peace.

The lecturer concludes by stating that public art not only makes the cities more interesting and beautiful but also can carry some ideas and concepts to people.

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