Imagine an amusement park late at night, with a fountain shining in the lights, carousels, roller coasters, and a Ferris wheel. Imagine a carnival of light that breaks the darkness. Imagine the feeling of walking through all these attractions up into the night. Here is a  guide through this sight to show the beauty of this place.

The first thing possible to see is a water basin with the streams of water flowing into the air. Come closer, one can realize that these are, in fact, many fountains planted on the surface of a body of water. The body of water is in the foreground of the photograph, the fountains – in its center. The fountain is lighted, each spout has its own color, and the colors change – there is a lot of pink, violet, yellow, and blue. Look closer, one can see a lifesaver attached to the railing of the deck in the right middle part of the picture. There are few people on the deck. They enjoy the view, possibly, a conversation, or simply take pictures. On the edge of the deck there is a beautiful lamppost.

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There is an improvised dining zone on a small dock to the left, virtually in the left middle part of the photograph. The fairy lights make the place look comfortable. Behind the dining zone numerous places to entertain oneself are situated. The outline of the three palm trees is apparent. The area behind the dining zone is brightly lit up so much that it seems that the place is literally flooded with light and music.

Behind the fountains is a medium-sized Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is illuminated as well. It shines with violet, red, orange, yellow, and blue lights. The Ferris wheel is decorated with an entirely accurate replica of Mickey Mouse’s face. The decoration is placed in the center of the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel has lovely view of the whole place.

On the bank of the lake, opposite the person who has taken this picture, there is a passageway, presumably with all kinds of stalls on both sides. The path seems to be beautifully decorated with fairy lights. The silhouettes of another 3 palm trees are distinct in the background. A carrousel can be seen in the middle right part of the photograph. The carrousel seems to be somewhat plain. It is medium-sized and painted in bright colors. It is also lighted. Riding the carrousel at this time of the day would be totally magical.

An image of an arc is visible close to the carrousel. Evidently, the arc represents an entrance to the facility. Probably, there is a ticket window somewhere around. Look closer, one can see people passing through the arc in both directions. The place is almost empty. Even under closer inspection, it is impossible to say whether there is anybody on the Ferris wheel or riding a carrousel.

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Lastly, there is a roller coaster in the background of the picture. No one can be seen sliding the chute either. The roller coaster is huge. The amusement ride is illuminated. It shines with pink, violet, orange, green, and the shades of blue. The palm trees and the Ferris wheel cast the shadow on the roller coaster making the ride look even bigger and a scarier a bit. Ride on a roller coaster late in the evening could be absolutely exciting, if only one is not afraid of heights. Finally, a sign placed at the bottom of the construction reads: Paradise Pier. Paradise Pierce is a theme park, known as a part of the Disneyland Resort.

The photography, basically, gives insight into our consumer life. Unintentionally, it can also explain what has made our consumerist culture possible. One of the primary purposes of a theme park is to entertain people. Theme and amusements parks are typically defined as the places where people can leave all their troubles behind. On the other hand, sites like theme and amusement parks reveal another side of the processes of urbanization, overpopulation, globalization, and human indifference to nature. Even though the photograph portrays only a few people (because the hour is late), one can easily imagine what the plays look like by day. Specifically, it is quite a reasonable assumption that by day the place is crowded with people. Another observation that can be made judging from the photograph is this: to spend their free time, the majority of people would rather find a way to amuse themselves rather than spend some time in peace and quiet, like when they do when uniting with nature. Certainly, it is up for every person to decide how to spend his or her pastime. Considering the social and environmental issues the modern is currently trying to fight, it is important that people reconsidered their ways and their attitudes toward wildlife and the environment.

All in all, the mood that the picture under consideration conveys can be characterized as thought-provoking. Technically, the photograph is a perfectly balanced combination of shadow, light, darkness, and color. Compositionally, the picture is quite simple. However, the place portrayed on the photograph is quite extraordinary, mostly because of the atmosphere surrounding it in the late hours. Finally, it is essential to note that the place is worth visiting for sure.

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